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Frank Burke, Technical Director, Schwungrad Energie Ltd.

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1 Frank Burke, Technical Director, Schwungrad Energie Ltd.
Presentation to IWFA Frank Burke, Technical Director, Schwungrad Energie Ltd. 7th May 2015

2 Agenda: Demonstration Project & Technology Context & Purpose

3 Demo Project Description
Rhode site Hybrid of flywheels and batteries 2 flywheels * 160kW Batteries up to 240kW, 80kWh (full output for 20min) MIC 400kVA MEC 422kVA

4 Benefits of Hybrid + Battery Flywheel Chemical Energy Storage
Kinetic Energy Storage Chemical Energy Storage High energy storage Fast response Thousands of charge/ discharge cycles High Power Restricted energy storage Fast response Hundreds of thousands of charge/ discharge cycles

5 Flywheel Construction

6 Flywheel Installation

7 How Flywheel Energy Storage Works
Motor/generator spins a heavy flywheel which stores kinetic energy Energy taken from grid to speed up the flywheel If grid suddenly needs more generation the flywheel control system will draw energy from the flywheel. The flywheel will slow down converting its kinetic energy into electrical energy The flywheel is connected to the grid via a Power Control Module AC->DC->AC

8 Batteries Many different types with different characteristics
University of Limerick currently investigating most suitable types for System Services application

9 Battery Racks

10 Progress to Date Planning permission received for Rhode site
Connection offer received Agreement reached with leading flywheel supplier to collaborate and invest in trial Finalising selection of battery supplier Collaboration with University of Limerick Working closely with EirGrid First delivery of equipment has already arrived

11 Timeline Flywheels to be installed Q3 2015 Trial flywheels Q3 2015
Install and trial batteries Q4 2015 Trial hybrid of flywheels and batteries Q1 2016

12 What System Services are We Providing - Frequency?

13 What System Services are We Providing - Voltage?

14 Why are We Doing This? Increased penetration of wind generation has implications for grid operation Ireland has high targets for wind generation and is a weakly interconnected island system Grid operator in Ireland starting to experience problems which will be seen worldwide as other countries increase renewable energy penetration Schwungrad set up specifically to develop plant to provide system services to facilitate the integration of high levels of intermittent generation Global market in the context of climate change Ongoing discussions with overseas system operators incl. China

15 Consequences of High Volumes of Wind and Solar 1/2
Wind and solar generation are variable and unpredictable They don’t provide system services i.e. don’t respond instantaneously to provide additional output to compensate for supply/demand deficit e.g. if large generator trips Increasing levels of renewable generation reduces the percentage of conventional plant on the grid which can provide system services Consequently grid has less inertia and is less stable If large generator trips, frequency will fall more rapidly because there is less plant able to respond Other generators may not be able to ride through this higher Rate of Change of Frequency (RoCoF) e.g. due to excessive torque on rotor shafts => cascading loss of generation and system collapse


17 Actual Frequency Disturbances

18 Consequences of High Volumes of Wind and Solar 2/2
The Penetration of Non-Synchronous generation on the System (SNSP) has to be limited currently to 50% Otherwise there is not sufficient inertia and, if a large generator trips, the frequency falls too fast i.e. RoCoF is higher than other generators can ride through. This SNSP limit results in curtailment of wind Renewable energy targets not met May cause financial difficulties for some renewable generation projects

19 Curtailment of Wind to Limit SNSP to 50%
Actual SNSP Dec. 2013

20 Curtailment of Wind

21 Curtailment at 50% SNSP

22 Curtailment at 75% SNSP

23 Conclusions Grid operators have difficulties in accommodating high penetration of wind and solar generation – being seen in Ireland before other countries Renewable generation targets will be difficult to meet without additional system services Flywheels/battery hybrid is the ideal solution and does not displace renewable generation Schwungrad Demonstration project in Ireland on its way to validate performance in providing system services in Ireland and further afield

24 Thank you

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