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TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT. Training- “ In future, the success of enterprises ‘ll depend upon the revolutionary training and development system in human.

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2 Training- “ In future, the success of enterprises ‘ll depend upon the revolutionary training and development system in human resource management.” “As we live and work in the world of knowledge and skill, every human activity need up-to-date knowledge and required skills to perform it.”

3 Chapter Contents Training definition Training definition Features of training Features of training Training policy Training policy Components of training Components of training Purpose of training Purpose of training Importance of training Importance of training

4 What is training? Training is basically a systematic procedure for transferring technical know-how to the employees so as to increase their knowledge and skill for doing particular jobs.

5 Definitions- According to “Edwin B. Flippo; ”Training is the act of increasing knowledge and skill of an employee for doing a particular job.” According to Michael Armstrong; “Training is the systematic development of the knowledge,skills and attitudes required by an individual to perform adequately a given task or job.”

6 Features- Training enhances the skills and capabilities of the individuals in an organization. The need for training can be emphasized in various work situations, such as in harness skills for existing jobs, planning out one’s future job profile, elevating(enrich) employees performance and so on.

7 Cont… For training to be successful, the employees have to be convinced of its utility and effectiveness. A successful training program improves the performance of an employee which in turn enhances organizational performance. Training program should attempt to bring about positive changes in the-knowledge,skills and attitude of the workforce.

8 Cont… It depends upon the top management’s attitude and organizational culture to make the training programme a success and contribute to the overall development of the organization. The training and development function in an organization has gained a lot of importance due to advancement in technology and changes in market force.

9 Training policy…? Every organization has well established and prescribed training policy for the training of employees.

10  Purpose & Scope  Applicability  References & Definition  TNA (training need analysis )  Training environment  Training Budget  Checklist for training  Training Department Support System  Training feedback & evaluation TRAINING POLICY INCLUDES…..?

11 Components of training- Components of training includes- “ALL THAT MAKE-UP A TRAINING PROGRAMME.” Important components are-

12 Components Of training Training policy Top mgt.’s Support and commitment Different methods Of training And courses Venue & The duration of The training Training materials Posters, pictures Charts,slides Graphs, equipments Training procedure Including feedback and evaluation Willing trainee Trained & Professional trainer

13 Some important points regarding training….? In the organization employee training and development is essential part of planning activity so that learning and growth can take place in the organization. Every employee should get opportunity of training. It should not be based on favoritism. There should be sufficient budget for training and development program.

14 Cont… Its importance should be recognized and never be underestimated as there waste of time. The learner should be motivated It should be an endless activity for all.(useful forever) It should be structured and be managed in such a way that learning takes place properly.

15 Cont… It should hold humanistic values. it means it should not be imposed, not criticize, no negative reinforcement be given it should be participative. participation of employees should be encouraged in designing complete training program because it is a team work and mutual work can only make it a success. It should be evaluated in terms of practicality, acquiring of skills, usefulness in job, in terms of cost,time,in terms of effectiveness and changed behavior.

16 Training &Development efforts in HR should be oriented towards the following… Organization’s should create assessment centers for training and development. These centers must be able to assess the need for training and development programmes in jobs and impart the required training to the various categories of the employees. Organizations should set up suitable training and development units for skills and knowledge development with competent persons.

17 Cont… Business schools should modify their curriculum to include programmes related to the following- communication management, time mgt., conflict management, self management-finance, health, work and family, office management-record keeping, report writing. From time to time, review meetings should be to measure the gain through training and development schemes. Organizations should be open to suggestions and active participation of employees should be encouraged for decision making.

18 Purpose of training programmes… 1.Improving employee performance- As it bridges the gap between the actual and expected performance of the employees. 2.Updating employee skills :adopt any technological advances up to latest technology 3.Avoiding managerial obsolescence

19 Cont… 4.Retaining and motivating employees 5.Creating an efficient and effective organization 6.It helps organization to absorb changes taking place in the environment and reduce resistance to change.

20 Cont… 7.Training increases the productivity and level of performance of employees. 8.It aims to improve the quality of task. 9.To train employees in a particular culture of the company.

21 Importance of training- Trained workers can work more efficiently. There will be fewer accidents. as training improves the knowledge of employees regarding the use of machines and equipments. Wastage is eliminated to a large extent as they use tools, machines in a proper way.

22 Cont… Training can contribute to higher production, fewer mistakes, greater job satisfaction and lower labor turnover. It makes the relationship between management and employee cordial. It helps in introducing and adopting latest technology in order to absorb change.

23 Cont… Training helps an employee to move from one organization to another easily. he can be more mobile and pursue career goals easily. Training makes employees more loyal to an organization. they will be less inclined to leave the unit where there are growth opportunities. training enables employees to secure promotions easily. they can realize their career goals comfortably.

24 Cont… Economical supervision-as there is less requirement for supervision for trained employees. Uniform procedures-with the help of training the best available methods can be standardized and made available to all employees


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