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Opium Wars: Great Britain vs. China

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1 Opium Wars: Great Britain vs. China

2 What caused the Wars? Early 17th century England was rapidly growing a taste for tea which was imported from China England however had nothing to trade with China ~ Quing dynasty made it illegal to pay for export goods in anything but silver To solve the problem England turned India in to poppy fields which could be reaped for Opium for illegal sale to the Chinese

3 China’s Response The Chinese dynasty was against opium consumption and had made it illegal to possess since 1729 In 1839 the Chinese Dynasty legislated that the import of opium would be punishable by death ~ by that time 2 million Chinese were users of Indian opium

4 Great Britain’s Response
British ignore China’s rules and elude China’s navy to sell it When China began taking opium shipments, Queen Victoria sent in the Royal Navy to bomb Chinese ports and vessels

5 Let the Wars Begin 1st opium war 1842 2nd opium war in 1856
China signed the Treaty of Nanking ~ Chinese government pays Britain six million silver dollars for lost opium ~ Opium still illegal and black market trade grows 2nd opium war in 1856 lasted for two years and ended with the humiliating Treaty of Tientsin ~ legalized opium in China

6 Conclusions… 1.) Fall of the last Chinese dynasty and the rise of the Communist party 2.) China is broken into different spheres of influence 3.) Boxer Rebellion and Taiping Rebellion –attempts to rid China of foreign dominance 4.) By 1906, China was producing 35,000 tons of opium per year; 76% of global opium production

7 Opium War Documentary

8 Homework 1.) China 2.) India Britain
Opium Wars India Britain 1.) Summarize the picture and how it relates to Britain’s trade with China. 2.) Explain how/why the Opium trade involve all 3 locations

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