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Department of Energy Energy Savers PowerPoint: Water Heating 5 of 12.

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1 Department of Energy Energy Savers PowerPoint: Water Heating 5 of 12

2 This 12 part PowerPoint series is taken directly from Energy Savers Booklet, Tips on Saving Energy & Money at Home, U.S. Department of Energy

3 Contents 1. Save Energy and Money Today 2. Your Home’s Energy Use 3. Insulation and Sealing Air Leaks 4. Heating and Cooling 5. Water Heating 6. Windows 7. Lighting 8. Appliances 9. Home Office and Home Electronics 10. Driving and Car Maintenance 11. Renewable Energy 12. References

4 Water Heating This presentation will show you how easy it is to reduce your energy use at home. Easy, practical solutions include tips you can use, throughout your home—from the roof, walls, and insulation that enclose it to the appliances and lights inside.

5 Water Heating Reduce energy demandCut amount of resources neededCreate less greenhouse gas emissionsReduce utility bills

6 U.S. Energy Use for Home Water Heating Computers & Electronics 9%

7 Hot Water Usage ActivityGallons per Use Clothes washing32 Showering20 Bathing20 Automatic dishwashing12 Preparing food5 Hand dishwashing4

8 How to Cut the Water Bill Use less hot water Turn down the thermostat on water heater Insulate your water heater Buy a new, more efficient model

9 Water Heating Tips 10 easy and effective ways to save energy with water heating

10 Water Heating Tips Install aerating, low-flow faucets and showerheads

11 Water Heating Tips Repair leaky faucets promptly

12 Water Heating Tips Water heater setting Temperature = 120 ° F – Provides plenty of hot water – Decreases risk of scalding

13 Water Heating Tips

14 Insulate the first 6 feet of the hot and cold water pipes connected to the water heater

15 Water Heating Tips Select ENERGY STAR ® rated appliances

16 Water Heating Tips Install heat traps on the hot and cold pipes at the water heater to prevent heat loss

17 Water Heating Tips 1 quart Every 3 months, drain ~ 1 quart

18 Water Heating Tips It’s best to start shopping now for a new water heater if yours is more than 7 years old.

19 Long-Term Savings Tip

20  Look for the ENERGY STAR® label on these water heaters – High efficiency gas non-condensing – Gas condensing – Electric heat pump – Gas tankless – Solar

21 Long-Term Savings Tip  Consider installing a drain water waste heat recovery system.  Heat pump water heaters can be very cost- effective in some areas.

22 Long-Term Savings Tip  Consider an on-demand tankless water heater (gas)

23 Solar Water Heaters Consider installing an ENERGY STAR® qualified solar water heater if you – Heat water with electricity – Have high electric rates – Have an unshaded, south- facing location on your property

24 Solar Water Heaters Used in 1.5 million homes and businesses Good for the environment – During a 20-year period, one solar water heater can avoid more than 50 tons of CO 2 emissions

25 Long-Term Savings Tip Rebates for buying a solar water heater Tax credits for buying a solar water heater

26 Summary Hot water conservation measures =

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