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Department of Energy Energy Savers PowerPoint: Windows 6 of 12.

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1 Department of Energy Energy Savers PowerPoint: Windows 6 of 12

2 This 12 part PowerPoint series is taken directly from Energy Savers Booklet, Tips on Saving Energy & Money at Home, U.S. Department of Energy

3 Contents 1. Save Energy and Money Today 2. Your Home’s Energy Use 3. Insulation and Sealing Air Leaks 4. Heating and Cooling 5. Water Heating 6. Windows 7. Lighting 8. Appliances 9. Home Office and Home Electronics 10. Driving and Car Maintenance 11. Renewable Energy 12. References

4 Windows This presentation will show you how easy it is to reduce your energy use at home. Easy, practical solutions include tips you can use, throughout your home— from the roof, walls, and insulation that enclose it to the appliances and lights inside.

5 What You Can Do Reduce energy demandCut amount of resources neededCreate less greenhouse gas emissionsReduce utility bills

6 Windows Windows provide Views Daylighting Ventilation Solar heating

7 Windows Windows account for 10% to 25% of your heating costs.

8 Windows Install ENERGY STAR® windows Use curtains and natural shade

9 Window Panes

10 Tips 10 easy low-cost and no-cost ways to save energy with windows

11 Cold-climate Window Tips Use heavy-duty, clear plastic on a window frame – Plastic must be sealed tightly to the frame to help reduce air infiltration Install tight-fitting, insulating window shades

12 Cold-climate Window Tips Close curtains at night; open them during the day Keep windows on the south side of house clean

13 Cold-climate Window Tips Install exterior or interior storm windows Repair and weatherize existing storm windows

14 Warm-climate Window Tips Install white shades, drapes, or blinds to reflect heat away from the house Close curtains on south- and west-facing windows during the day

15 Warm-climate Window Tips Install awnings on south- and west-facing windows

16 Warm-climate Window Tips Apply reflective films on south- facing windows

17 Long-Term Savings Tip Install high-performance windows

18 Long-Term Savings Tip

19 Long-Term Savings Tips

20 Shopping Tips for Windows Look for the ENERGY STAR® label

21 Shopping Tips for Windows Check with local utilities for available rebates

22 Shopping Tips for Windows Use a double-glazed, low emissivity coating

23 Shopping Tips for Windows U-factors

24 Shopping Tips for Windows Solar heat gain coefficients

25 Shopping Tips for Windows

26 Look for whole-unit U-factors and SHGCs rather than center- of-glass (COG) values

27 Shopping Tips for Windows Use trained professionals for installation

28 Summary

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