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Zero Waste Scotland Developing the Workforce Update Wednesday 12 th November 2014.

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1 @zerowastescot Zero Waste Scotland Developing the Workforce Update Wednesday 12 th November 2014


3 Developing the Workforce across CE We must develop a highly skilled workforce commensurate with a Circular Economy in Scotland. It is absolutely critical that we have the right people, with the right skills and expertise to support new emerging technologies. Identifying the skills challenges facing the shift towards a circular economy in Scotland is in its early phases. The principal emphasis is on identifying the trends and drivers which will impact upon skills requirements in the next 5-10 years.

4 ZWS Skills Academy Zero Waste Scotland has a vision that a ‘skills academy’ will be in place to support the workforce that is employed in resource management and circular economy industries and that those people that have influence in all sectors are empowered resource efficiency skills Early days Internal Working Group RM, RE and CE First step is to ensure learning & development offer is consistent, coherent and coordinated

5 5 main challenges –Increasing knowledge and understanding across these industries; –Developing skills across all of these industries; –Building competence in the main delivery roles within the resource management industry to improve professionalism, safety and performance; –Improve the attractiveness of these industries to retain staff and attract new people to the professions; and –Stimulate demand for learning opportunities to create a healthy Further & Higher education, vocational learning and training sector that supports these industries.

6 Update on Developments SWITCH Forum Workforce Development Group Building Waste Smart Capacity Project Development of a Learning Opportunities Matrix

7 SWITCH Forum Action 13 of Zero Waste Plan which states that Zero Waste Scotland will develop a programme to “support continual improvement in Health & Safety and workplace skills in the resource management sector.” The resource management sector currently has a very poor safety record with fatal accidents in the industry over 10 times the national average Scottish Government has recognised the economic opportunities which will arise from new investment in facilities and jobs and is keen to ensure both existing and new staff have the necessary skills to take the sector forward There is need to establish a set of minimum H&S standards and create a culture of workforce development and continued improvement

8 SWITCH Forum SWITCH aims to create a Resource Management industry that: Is safe and healthy to work in Actively supports education, training, learning and development Increases workforce capacity and competence Develops and shares good practice Creates an industry that is attractive as a career choice Creates clear career and learner pathways By Using an action-focussed and peer-led approach Encouraging and enabling change to take place Working collaboratively to identify emerging issues; explore creative solutions; share ideas, promote good practice, work to achieve higher standards across all its working themes

9 SWITCH Forum Scottish Government, HSE, SEPA, ROSPA, SESA, Resource Association, SQA, SDS, ESP, WAMITAB, EU Skills, CIWM, APSE,, Local Authorities, SMEs, FE Sector, STUC, UnionLearn, CRNS, Private Training Providers

10 Workforce Development Group Employer-led /practical hands-on group With collective aim of raising standards in learning and development Growing collective learning and development opportunities Sharing good practice, resources and experience Support for delivering FLES Award Networking

11 Update on Developments Practical training & skills delivery (ZWS and/or WDG) Frontline communications training HNC in Sustainable Resource Management Recycling Managers Training Leadership & Management for Supervisors Mentoring Skills for frontline staff Coaching & Mentoring for Supervisors Development of the FLES Award Development of a capacity Building programme for SMEs Assessors’ programme Supervisory Skills programme Thematic workshops with ZWS programme areas HWRC training for safe, friendly and sustainable (reuse and contamination) sites Building Waste Smart Capacity project

12 Update on Developments Guidance Health & Safety Guidance for Frontline Staff Modern Apprenticeship Guidance for Employers Training & qualifications Guidance HWRC Guidance for Staff

13 Communications & Engagement –Development of a website portal that provides a front-door to the Zero Waste Skills Academy concept, based on the range of courses that are delivered or supported by ZWS –Develop coherent package of multimedia that communicates the support that is available to the Resource Management industry to the many tiers of workers that require to be engaged –Develop and share examples of good practice (e.g. Case Stories) that can be used to support the engagement with the workforce. –Ongoing support for communicating the work of SWITCH

14 Research & Development Early days Need to research with partners what the skills landscape and the training and development need for Circular Economy in Scotland. Need to work together to achieve this No one organisation can do it on their own Collaboration is key

15 Thank you. @ZeroWasteScot Email: fiona.craig Tel:01786 239797 Mob:07715 066456

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