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Skilling SA in the Context of Ageing Raymond Garrand Chief Executive, DFEEST.

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1 Skilling SA in the Context of Ageing Raymond Garrand Chief Executive, DFEEST

2 Skills for South Australia Demand for skilled workers and increased workforce participation Ageing workforce amplifies this demand Skills for All makes fundamental changes to the State’s training system in order to: Raise the skill level of South Australians Increase the number of South Australians with post school qualifications Increase employment participation

3 South Australian Education Workforce The education workforce in South Australia is older than the total workforce in the state.

4 DFEEST in the Context of Ageing Vision: for SA to have the best workforce in Australia. To stimulate workforce planning across industry in order to address skill shortages and the impact of ageing. To implement Skills for All. To ensure quality provision and regulation of the VET sector. To ensure TAFE lecturers and hourly paid instructors (HPIs) are skilled and qualified to meet industry and student demands.

5 Increased Funding for Training Meeting demand

6 DFEEST Workforce Profile Challenges % of workforce aged 50 years or over South Australia*28% SA Public Sector**37% DFEEST Employees***47% TAFE (Lecturers and HPIs)****53% TAFE (Lecturers and HPIs) in skill shortage sample**** 58%

7 TAFE Workers across Australia TAFE Worker AllNSWTas.QldWASAVicACT Average age (years)47.649.648.247.4 47.2 46.946.345.6

8 Meeting Skill Shortage Demands

9 Age Profile of TAFE SA Students

10 Key Delivery Challenges Ensuring TAFE has the adequate teaching staff to meet demand, increasing under Skills for All. Limited flexibility within existing industrial relations regime. Recognition that TAFE lecturers and HPIs are required to have significant industry experience in order to deliver informed and quality training. Addressing this demand within the context of Skills for All implementation. Harnessing the innovation and creativity of the future leaders of DFEEST.

11 Current Strategies People & Culture Plan 2010-15 Dedicated central resource for strategic workforce planning Leadership and Management Program, including mentoring Graduate and Trainee Program Organisational Capacity Building Program TAFE SA workforce profiling, planning and development specific to each institute

12 Going Forwards… Opportunity to create a more flexible TAFE workforce Enhanced industry knowledge of lecturing staff through industry partnerships Rejuvenated recruitment strategy for TAFE lecturers Development of an annual retirement intention survey that informs succession planning Active promotion of existing policies (Super SA, phased retirement) Set capability matrix for TAFE SA and DFEEST Central (each) that provide career pathways and inform organisational capacity development Database of graduates of Certificate IV and Diploma of Training and Assessment, potential lecturer source.

13 Further Information Online DFEEST: TAFE SA: Skills SA: Workforce Information Service:

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