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The 5 Characteristics Successful Nonprofits Have in Common

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1 The 5 Characteristics Successful Nonprofits Have in Common
Chris Allers, PhD Executive Vice President Georgia Center for Nonprofits

2 7_85 Georgia Center for Nonprofits: Building nonprofit solutions, representing GA’s nonprofit industry, developing insights Our mission: The Georgia Center for Nonprofits builds thriving communities by helping nonprofits succeed. Through a powerful mix of advocacy, solutions for nonprofit effectiveness, and insight building resources, GCN provides nonprofits, board members and donors with the tools they need to strengthen organizations that make a difference on important causes throughout Georgia.  What we do: Largest nonprofit membership association in GA Nonprofit-centric solutions for talent development, strategy, governance Publish original sector & community research The leading sector voice in state policy matters Work with business and government to expand public awareness and sector revenue via Georgia Gives Day, Home Depot Building Community Network, Love Grants for Good, Nonprofit Tool Box at TCF Solutions Influence Insight

3 Designed to provide agencies with deep knowledge and experience in nonprofit operations and strengthen nonprofit leaders. Each participating agency will have a complete set of tools needed to become a high performing organization. Board members and key staff will know their roles and responsibilities in governing a nonprofit organization.

4 Momentum Investors Creel-Harrison Robert W. Woodruff Foundation

5 Momentum Components Work with Teams Organizational assessments
Strategy Development Organizational assessments Review & create/refine strategies (3 months) Workshops 10 full day & 6 half days over 18 months Board Boot Camp Coaching Average of 30 hours per group Peer Groups Formed during the 18 month program Continue beyond program Results Complete Strategic Plan Board Buy in & Commitment to $ Active Implementation Evaluation Work with Teams

6 Nonprofit High Performance Model
Clear and Compelling Leadership Strategic Intent Alignment of People, Passion & Purpose Effective Execution Powerful Partnerships & Collaborations



9 Alignment

10 Execution Finance Fundraising IT Program Mgmt Evaluation
Issue Education MarCom

11 Powerful Partnerships

12 High Performance Assessment Challenges
Over 70 nonprofit organizations from across Georgia (500+ surveys) completed a 230+ item organizational diagnostic assessment. Strategic Intent Alignment of People, Passion and Purpose Execution Partnerships Leadership

13 Strategy Pain Points Clarity on the 3-5 long-term strategic priorities
Board reviewing the strategic plan implementation progress at least quarterly Board engagement in ongoing strategic plan implementation activities Using "market data" to set and adjust strategy Fundraising and resource development strategies aligned with the strategic plan

14 Alignment Pain Points Succession Planning
Development Plans for Future Leaders Processes for identifying, developing and transitioning board members Board reflecting the diversity, ethnicity, educational and economic status of the communities served by the organization. Processes for selecting, developing, and transitioning new board leadership

15 Alignment Pain Points Boards evaluating the CEO/Executive Director based on strategic priorities Board regularly reviewing its own effectiveness and assessing strengths and deficiencies. Boards having the right balance of work and fun activities Boards having appropriate committees with clear charters

16 Alignment Pain Points Having a sufficient number of volunteers to support organizational objectives Effective volunteer recruitment processes Volunteer retention strategies The ability to measure volunteer satisfaction and concerns

17 Execution Pain Points Clear measures of success for departments and programs that are linked to the goals of the organization as a whole Having the resources (i.e., sufficient budget and staff) to be effective Having defined, cost-effective procedures for evaluating, both qualitatively and quantitatively, programs and projects

18 Execution Pain Points Resources needed to insure that its information technology infrastructure is well maintained and updated Communications plan effectively promotes the mission, motivates action and increases funding Quality of the organization's equipment and physical work environment

19 Partnership Pain Points
Highly effective partnerships Nonprofit Corporate Governmental Civic

20 Sector Strengths Executive Director/CEO effectively balances strategic thinking with day-to-day operation Executive Director/CEO understands the need for board development The Board monitors the fiscal health of the organization at least quarterly The board conducts four meetings or more per fiscal year.

21 Sector Strengths The organization's purpose and activities meet unique community needs The organization produces periodic, regular and accurate statements reflecting its financial position. Policies are in place to govern the acceptance and disposition of charitable gifts that are received in the course of its regular fundraising activities.

22 Sector Strengths The organization is "cost conscious" and looks for the most efficient way to use funds.

23 Nonprofit High Performance Model
Clear and Compelling Leadership Strategic Intent Alignment of People, Passion & Purpose Effective Execution Powerful Partnerships & Collaborations

24 Charity Case: How the Nonprofit Community Can Stand Up for Itself and Really Change the World
“If you put these things together – you can't use money to attract talent, you can't advertise, you can't take risks, you can't invest in long-term results” - “then we have just put the humanitarian sector at the most extreme disadvantage to the for-profit sector on every level, and then we call the whole system charity, as if there is something incredibly sweet about it.” ― Dan Pallotta,

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