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Let’s get to work. Brevard Workforce Board Recruitment Information.

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1 Let’s get to work. Brevard Workforce Board Recruitment Information

2 Who Are We?  Private, non-profit organization  Volunteer Board of Directors  Oversee workforce initiatives  Partner with local elected officials  One of 24 Florida Workforce Boards  Board established through legislation

3  Serve as point of contact  Provide forum to consider workforce needs  Collaborate on new training programs  Advise elected officials on workforce policy  Coordinate with economic development effort  Plan and implement workforce programs to ensure coordination of services and achieve local goals What Do We Do?

4 Vision A highly competitive workforce for Brevard. Mission Facilitate and be the catalyst for workforce development services that are responsive to the Employment needs of Brevard.Mission

5 Funding Sources Federal –Workforce Investment Act –Welfare Transition Program State –Competitive Projects Grants –Competitive –Demonstration –Private Foundations

6 Our Mandatory Partners  Board of County Commissioners  Brevard Community College  Division of Vocational Rehabilitation  Brevard County School District  Brevard Family of Housing Authorities  Senior Community Service Employment Program  Economic Development  Community Based Organization – Disabilities Representation

7  TRDA (Technology and Research Development Authority)  Chambers of Commerce  Faith-based Organizations  Space Florida  Early Learning Coalition Other Community Partners

8 Corporate Goals Goal #1 - Convene the community and conduct community awareness regarding workforce issues Goal #2 – Strengthen Key Business Clusters Goal #3 – Enhance E3 Concept Goal #4 - Sustain Successful Operations of Brevard Workforce Career Centers

9 PHASE I Community II Leaders III Managerial/Staff Vision Strategic Direction Benchmarks Policies Consensus STRATEGIC PLANNING Goals Organizational Capacity Budget Commitment TACTICAL PLANNING Objectives Action Strategies Action FOCUS 5+ years 3 years 1 year Your Role

10 Responsibilities of Board Members  Legally responsible for fiscal oversight  Ensure the organization is well managed  Create the organization’s identity  Communicate and promote the organization’s mission and goals  Provide industry knowledge & insight (i.e trends, growing industry)

11 Expectations of Board Members  Be an active participant in Board proceedings  Be a member of at least one committee  Participate in an open, honest, respectful, and non- serving manner in all deliberations  Be an agent of change for the organization and workforce in our community

12 Nomination Letter Chamber Membership?

13 Application Package  Select Committee  Fax back to Lyn Sevin

14 RWB Accountability Act Section 445.007(1), Florida Statutes, was amended to require each regional board member and executive director file a financial disclosure form. Specifically: Each member of a regional workforce board who is not otherwise required to file a full and public disclosure of financial interests pursuant to s. 8, Art. II of the State Constitution or s. 112.3144 shall file a statement of financial interests pursuant to s. 112.3145. Mail original Form 1 to BW or to Supervisor of Elections in the County where you live. Brevard County’s Website:

15 Contact Info Lisa Rice President 321-394-0507

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