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Common Core English Regents Preparation © 2015 Tammy Manor

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1 Common Core English Regents Preparation © 2015 Tammy Manor

2 The Common Core English Regents Reading Comprehension 24 Multiple Choice Questions Argumentative Essay (Five-paragraph essay) Text Analysis Writing (Two to three paragraphs)

3 Part One Reading comprehension with 24 questions requiring close reading and an understanding of the whole text. There are three passages in this section: One literary nonfiction One literature piece One poem

4 Reading Comprehension Read the questions first (promotes active reading) Use a highlighter or pen to underline the essential part of the question After two-three paragraphs, take notes in the margins Look for context clues to figure out vocabulary words you don’t understand. If you are to answer a question using line references, re- read that line in addition to the one ABOVE and BELOW

5 Part Two Part two is an argumentative essay. Unlike the MOSL exam, the argumentative essay on the ELA Regents will have four passages for you to read. It will not allow for drawing upon outside knowledge. You must draw from the texts only, writing a source based argument. Make sure you use quotation marks and properly cite the different texts.

6 Argumentative Essay Introduction: Includes a thesis (which is a claim and 3 reasons) 1 st body paragraph uses SEE method and explains the 1 st reason 2 nd body paragraph uses SEE method and explains the 2 nd reason 3 rd body paragraph uses SEE method and explains the 3 rd reason Counterclaim: uses SEE method to explain the opposing side and prove it weak Conclusion: Restate thesis

7 Argumentative Essay Paragraph #1 – Introduction Attention-grabbing beginning (hook) Description of issue (what will be discuss in the essay) Thesis Statement (Claim + reasons)

8 Argumentative Essay What is the SEE method? The SEE Method is just a way for us to remember what we need to include in each body paragraph that we write, no matter what type of writing we are doing. One reason this Method is so great is that it is easy to remember, plus it’s short & to the point

9 Argumentative Essay S tate Claim Include E vidence E xplain Evidence We use the SEE method to help us craft arguments.

10 Argumentative Essay 1. The Claim—answer the question “What do I think?” 2. The reasons—answer the question “Why do I think this?” 3. The Evidence—answer the question “How do I know this?” 4. The Counterclaim---respond to what others think “Why are other arguments weaker than mine?”

11 Argumentative Essay Conclusion Restate your main premise Provide a brief summary of your argument Show how a group will benefit from following your assertion Explain what might happen if your idea is not accepted End with a rhetorical question Ask for a call to action

12 Part Three Part three asks for text analysis, not an extended response as in Part two. Write a two to three paragraph response that identifies a central idea, authors writing strategy or literary technique. (Similar to the paragraph responses on the old format of the exam.)

13 Things we don’t have to worry about anymore… Bye bye boring listening passage Bye bye critical lens essay

14 Practice makes perfect Today we’re going to practice reading passages and answer multiple choice questions… Make sure you: 1.Read the questions before you read the passages 2.Annotate the passages while reading

15 Annotation is not highlighting.

16 Annotation slows down the reader in order to deepen understanding.


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