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Kait Robinson.

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1 Kait Robinson

2 She was Born in 1990 Eduaction She went to Fashion Institute of Technology in NY Her work is shown in big fashion magazines one magazine is 7-Stops Style she’s known for is Portraits, Beauty, also Classic but Modern Style she's about is because she's a Brooklyn style type she does Interesting facts- She loves food, She hates writing about herself, She loves photography (obviously)

3 Photo #1

4 Photo #1 The lighting is outside at the beach so natural and its pointing out to the horizon of the sky. I love the lighting and texture they used The main subject is her she is the main subject The composition the lighting and texture makes this photo an amazing The communicate is A new hair style of this model and the classic but modern twist I selected this photo because this photo is one of my favorites because everything about it I like

5 Photo #2

6 Photo #2 The lighting is artificial (inside) in a room on a bed The picture is taken from the side with a man reflection she's looking at I love the lighting it gave it great tone of it The main subject is her and she's looking at a man who is a shadow in the background The composition uses texture and focus so amazing I love it The story of this picture is about her waiting there for the guy she's watching him but she's left for someone else and she just watches him I picked this photo because this was my #1 photo I liked and the mood in her face and tone

7 Photo #3

8 Photo #3 The lighting is a natural (outside) The direction is Pointed to the ground she's laying down and I like the lighting and how it looks sunny outside The Main subject is The women laying on the ground looking up and I can tell because her and the sand is all that’s in it I like the texture and lighting and sand color and how she's in the sand not just standing on the beach She's a young girl at the beach having a great time looking really pretty dressed for the beach I like that this picture was taking in the sand and how clear and focused she is on this girl is focused to on the camera and the girl is a great model and are in more then one of her shoots

9 Photo #4

10 Photo #4 The lighting is natural (outside) and the directions coming straight at this girl I love the low lighting of this picture Also its an amazing color use The main subject Is the girls face her eyes and I can tell the backgrounds blurry behind her and its looking into her eyes close up Her picture has a lot of great color lighting and texture in her face I love thin photo She's looking deep in to her soul threw her great blue blue eyes trying to find something And I chose this because I love her eyes and her face And the color of her make up and her face is like prefect skinny

11 Photo #5

12 Photo #5 I was Artificial lighting (inside) Coming from the side and she is looking over and I don’t not like it but I wish it was outside and more color if it’s a dark background or in general The main Subject is this girl and the flower I know this because the rest is just pitch black no light She’s using texture and not a lot of extra light at all because the only light there is on her and the flower be side her The store is darkness cant cover beauty and natural beauty not just a girl everything And I just liked the color and how she put a flower by this girls face to in cooperate nature in with the photograph

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