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Nigel Barker.

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1 Nigel Barker

2 Biography Born in the UK, April 1972
Went to boarding school and studied science Started college for medicine but dropped out for modeling Mother was a model Modeled for 10 years then quite Started photography and became very popular Fashion photographer Was an official judge for Americas Next top Model, Miss America, and Miss Universe

3 The lighting here is artificial
The light is facing it’s face at an angle to the front Main subject is the dog You can see the texture in the dogs hair No story It is a cool picture

4 The lighting is natural
The lighting is coming from above The subject is the girl There is a lot of texture in the flag and the bulls coat. There is kind of a triangle of leading lines which keeps your eyes moving I chose this because of Americas next top model

5 The lighting is artificial
It is coming in on the right of the guy The guy is the main subject Rule of thirds is a big use in this picture This is an ad campaign for clothing I thought it was a neat shot

6 The light is artificial
It is coming from the right of the model The dress is the main subject This picture shows the texture of the dress The dress is more in the center than the model to make the viewer look at the dress more Part of a big campaign shoot for Pamella Roland

7 The lighting is artificial
This was filmed inside The subject is the model Rule of thirds and texture from the water and background are important in this piece Also from Americas Next Top Model

8 The lighting here is artificial
It is facing straight on The main subject is the two girls Leading lines keeps your eyes moving on this picture This is part of one of his portrait collections called “My Obsession”

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