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Dmitri Markine By Kristin Allen.

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1 Dmitri Markine By Kristin Allen

2 Dmitri Markine Biography
He started taking pictures at the age of seven. He established a photography company called Dmitri Markine Photography in 2003. His photos have been in many different publications such as, National Geographic and many more.

3 Biography Continued He lives in Toronto, Canada
He was named one of the top ten wedding photographers. He has won national awards in wedding, journalism, and wildlife categories. When he takes his photos he uses Hi-end digital equipment.


5 Photo #1 This picture was taken in a town that has a lot of poverty, but I don’t know exactly where this is taken. The lighting on this photo is one of the main reasons why I chose it. He captured the sunset (or sunrise) so well. The main source of light is coming from the right and spreading across the sky. The main subject is the sky and the guys on the boat as well. The light is one of the main subjects, because it stands out so much. The guys on the boat are as well, because they are right in the middle of the photo. He used horizon and lighting in this picture. He is showing us a different part of the world. Just in that one picture, it shows poverty and how other people live. You don’t see cars, you see wooden boats and the buildings look worn down and not made as well as the homes we have here. I chose this photo, because of how he captured the lighting in the sky and also, because it tells a story. I think he captured it well.


7 Photo #2 This picture was taken at Lake Nakuru.
It supposedly was taken right before it rained, so that is how he got the misty affect. The lighting is all natural, just like the first photo. The way he captured the clouds and the light seeping through it, I think makes a truly good picture. The main subject of this photo is the giraffe. It is mainly the only thing in the photo, besides the clouds and some trees. When I first looked at this photo, the giraffe is what I looked at first. Dmitri uses horizon and in way, leading lines. The horizon is used by the trees and it has leading lines, because the giraffes neck, leads you to look at the clouds. I don’t think that there is an actual story for this photo, but when I look at it, I see a lone giraffe standing in the midst, of what looks like, a rain storm about to hit. So, it is almost sad, because the giraffe is on its own. I chose this one, because the way the clouds are and how it is misty looking, gives it a neat affect. The giraffe just adds to it, and it looks like a painting. I think that if a real photo can resemble a painting (good painting), then that photographer is pretty talented.


9 Photo #3 In this photo, you can’t really see the light, but you can tell there is, behind the clouds, because they are different shades. The first layer of clouds are darker than the ones behind it. The main subject in this photo is the horizon, because it sticks out the most. There are many other things going on in this picture, therefore it is hard to find what the main subject really is. Dmitri uses horizon again for this one, which can either draw your eye to the buildings and hot air balloon or to the waterfall below. Even though there is a story in most photos, there isnt really one in this photo. I chose this photo, because it looks really neat and it shows the natural beauty that we have on Earth. The way he captured this place is amazing.


11 Photo #4 The lighting in this photo captures the image very well. The contrast in colors in the sky, make it even better. The main subject in this picture is the light on the right side. It stands out the most and it is the brightest object in this photo. Dmitri uses lighting and horizon in this photo. The lighting is what captures the photo, and the horizon leads you to the lighting. The story in this is a couple young and in love on the beach. Since Dmitri does some wedding and engagement photos, I would think that this is one of them. I chose this photo, because once again, it looks like it was painted and the way he captured it is just amazing.


13 Photo #5 There isn't any lighting in this, because it is in black and white, and it hardly shows any sky. The main subject in this photo is the little boy on the boat. The oar he is holding, leads you to him and he seems brighter than the rest of the objects around him. This picture uses leading lines, because, as I stated above, the oar is leading you to the boy, which is the main focus. It uses rule of thirds, because he isn’t exactly in the middle of the photo. The story behind this photo, is that it shows this boys living conditions, and what he is allowed to do. In most of America, we would not allow our little kids to be in a boat by themselves surrounded by water. The homes are also right on the water, so it shows that whoever lives there is most likely impoverished. I chose this story, because it tells a story and it shows a different way of life. It captures enough to be able to feel what he might have felt when he took this, as well.

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