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CHAPTER 5 External Recruitment.

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1 CHAPTER 5 External Recruitment

2 Recruitment Planning ORGANIZATIONAL ISSUES
In-House vs. External Recruitment Agency Individual vs. Cooperative Recruitment Alliances Centralized vs. Decentralized Recruitment

3 Administrative Issues
Requisitions Number of Contacts Types of Contacts Recruitment Budget

4 Administrative Issues (Cont.)
Development of a Recruitment Guide Selecting Recruiters Training Recruiters Rewarding Recruiters Process Flow & Record Keeping


6 Strategy Development Open versus Targeted Recruitment
Recruitment Sources Choices of Sources When to Look

7 Recruitment Sources Unsolicited Employee Referrals Advertisements
The Internet Colleges and Placement Offices Employment Agencies Executive Search Firms


9 Recruitment Sources (Cont.)
Professional Associations and Meetings State Employment Services Outplacement Services Community Agencies Job Fairs Co-Ops and Internships Innovative Sources

10 Innovative Sources Alumni Associations Unemployed Youth Services
Religious Organizations Interest Groups Realtors Senior Networks Direct Mail Solicitations

11 Choices of Sources Quantity, Quality of Labor Availability of Sources
Past or Promised Experiences Budget constraints Contractual Obligations

12 When to Look Lead time concerns Time sequence concerns

13 Searching Communication Message Communication Medium

14 Types of Messages Traditional Messages Realistic Recruitment Message
Attractive Messages Targeted Messages

15 Communication Medium Recruitment Brochures
Videos and Videoconferencing Advertisements Voice Messages Web Sites Radio

16 Applicant Reactions Reactions to Recruiters
Reactions to the Recruitment Process

17 Transition to Selection
Particularly important for selection methods that may be uncomfortable or unfamiliar

18 Legal Issues Definition of Job Applicant Affirmative Action Programs
Electronic Recruitment Job Advertisements Fraud and Misrepresentation

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