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Welcome to CS 115! Introduction to Programming. Class URL Please write this down!

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1 Welcome to CS 115! Introduction to Programming

2 Class URL Please write this down!

3 Personnel Ismail Abumuhfouz  Office hours – use them!  MWF 10:20-11:20  Held in Hardymon Building room 208  Email –

4 Thank you very much!!

5 Laptop Policies Lecture  Studies show most students with laptops open in front of them are NOT paying attention to the lecture  IF you insist on using a laptop in lecture, you MUST sit in the very BACK row of the classroom, so that you distract only yourself and not other students Lab  There are sufficient computers in each lab for every student but you can use your own laptop if you wish

6 Textbook and Supplies Textbook is a Free interactive web site “How to Think like a Computer Scientist” Students are responsible for material in chapters that are in schedule and material covered in lectures No CodeLab, instead weekly assignments

7 Software we will use Python  Open source and Free  from  Get version 3.x – right now is 3.3  Easy to install on your machine, already in labs  Includes IDLE Development Environment WingIDE 101 (optional but better than IDLE)  free  Less prone to crashes than IDLE  from

8 For Attendance – on one 3x5 card Write your NAME Write the DATE Write your SECTION AND on the front of the card...

9 GOALS - write them down 1.What are your goals for this class? That is, what do you want to learn? 2.How much time do you expect to spend on this class OUTSIDE of lecture and lab time?

10 Goals Activity - continued SHARE your answers with a neighbor and ADD if you like COMPARE your answers with the syllabus Turn in your card at the end of class by putting it in the envelope

11 And on the back of the card, describe What is the most complicated thing you have done with a computer? or What have you done with a computer that you are most proud of? We are trying to tell what level of experience you have with computers.

12 The goals of the class are To acquire an understanding of computer architecture and data representations (variables, representation of numbers and character strings) To learn basic algorithmic problem-solving techniques (decision structures, loops, functions) To be able to use and understand classes To be able to design, document, implement and test solutions to programming problems

13 Experience in Programming This class assumes NO experience in programming It does assume some experience with computers and Windows  copying files, printing  navigating paths Plan on 20 hours a week outside of class If you HAVE a lot of programming experience, consider the BYPASS exam

14 Why learn to program? it’s required in my major I learn things that apply beyond pgming I use programs to analyze the data I run in my lab experiments in my major I automate tedious things I have to do I found out I like to do it! I need to communicate with other people about programming it is a good career

15 Your Grade is Based on: Lecture Attendance 5% Lab Attendance and Assignments 15% Programming Assignments 30% Midterm Exams 15% Two Lab Exams 15% Final Exam (Comprehensive) 20%

16 If you Must have a certain grade Tell me about it NOW! We are willing to work with you all semester long to achieve your goal DO NOT wait until the end of the semester and say “But I have to have a … whatever”

17 Tests during the Semester Lecture Tests are:  Midterm Monday, July 6  Final ExamThursday, August 6  closed note, closed book Lab Tests are:  Lab Test 1Thursday, July 9  Lab Test 2Thursday, 30  open note, open book

18 Attendance Required at All Lectures  taken regularly by quizzes, cooperative activities Required at All Lab sessions  don’t get credit for team submission if not there only "UK excuses" accepted  death in family, illness, school trips, religious holidays  Give me your excuse documentation

19 Class Locations Lecture - (MWF) MMRB 243 Lab - (TR) RGAN 103

20 Due Dates/Times Labs – individual work due the day before lab session, then team work submitted by end of lab session Labs are NOT accepted after that! Programs – submitted electronically Programs have a late penalty of 15% of grade for every day late, up to 3 calendar days

21 Plagiarism / Cheating “Getting an unfair academic advantage"  using other people's code as your own  attempt to make code appear to work when it does not NO assistance from someone else on Lab or Lecture tests Only talk in GENERAL TERMS about program assignments, not specifics Do NOT "work together" on the source code of a program

22 Cheating, cont'd Do NOT show your source code to any other student - Protect your source code! Do not post your code on the Internet! If you talk to anyone outside the class, do not let anyone give you code or dictate code to you! YOU are the one writing it! Penalties START with a zero on the assignment and a LETTER in your permanent file! UK Policy is followed

23 Cooperative Work On the other hand!  “Talk to your neighbor” or cooperative activities in lectures  Lab assignments – you will have lab teams and turn in work with them

24 Your “Magic Excuse” Everybody has one and only one Only works on programs, not labs! Gives you 24-hour extension of deadline with no documented excuse If you don’t use it during the semester, good for 10 bonus points on final exam To use it, see the syllabus – must let TA or me know before last day to turn program in

25 Accommodation Please tell me about it if you have a letter - as soon as possible! Letters are not retroactive! We can arrange both lecture and lab tests to be accommodated

26 Mythbusting about CS 115 It's a 100-level course, it's EASY! or not much work! or trivial! (It’s not) You can cram the night before the tests and get through the course ok (you can’t) You can wait until the day the programs are due to start work on them (you can’t) You can just memorize code (you can’t) it’s mostly CS majors! (it isn’t)

27 Make Yourself a Study Plan for CS 115 When and where you will study What materials you will need to study What rewards you will give yourself if you follow your study plan How you plan to prepare for tests What you will do about test anxiety What you will do when you miss a class

28 What to do next Make your study plan Read Chapter 1 and 2 of textbook Work on Lab 1  Make sure your University account is activated Labs DO start next Tuesday! You will be asked to interpret and run a program! practice the tutorial  You’ll get to meet your team soon

29 Today's Exit Have your NAME, DATE, SECTION, and GOALS on the 3x5 card Put your card in an envelope Help us get to know you!

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