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COMP 110: Introduction to Programming Tyler Johnson January 12, 2009 MWF 11:00AM-12:15PM Sitterson 014.

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1 COMP 110: Introduction to Programming Tyler Johnson January 12, 2009 MWF 11:00AM-12:15PM Sitterson 014

2 COMP 110: Spring 20092 About COMP 110 Learn the basics of computer programming in Java Algorithms and their design Basic programming constructs Applicable to any programming language (Java, C++, etc.) Requirements / Prerequisites Basic computer skills (web browsing, installing software) No programming knowledge assumed Good background in algebra

3 COMP 110: Spring 20093 About Me Eight years of programming experience PhD student in Computer Science Undergraduate study at NC State Research interests: multi-projector displays

4 COMP 110: Spring 20094 Why learn to program? Increase your computer literacy You get to create! Automate routine tasks Useful in various applications Games and entertainment Medicine Bioinformatics Air traffic control Training

5 COMP 110: Spring 20095 Course Web Page Course documents Assignments Labs

6 COMP 110: Spring 20096 Weekly Schedule Lecture Monday/Wednesday 11:00AM-12:15PM Sitterson 014 Recitations Friday 11:00AM-12:15PM Sitterson 014 (bring your laptop) Office hours TBD Sitterson 372

7 COMP 110: Spring 20097 Required Java: An Introduction to Problem Solving & Programming (5 th Edition) (Walter Savitch & Frank M. Carrano) Textbook

8 COMP 110: Spring 20098 Lecture Format Review previous material Questions Present new material In-class exercises work in groups Lecture notes will be posted online before class Updated after class

9 COMP 110: Spring 20099 Recitations Mini-lab on Fridays Extra programming practice Homework help Answer questions from lecture Bring your laptop (fully charged) every Friday Make sure you can connect to campus wireless

10 COMP 110: Spring 200910 Computer Labs 7 Labs Maintained by UNC ITS You may do homework there

11 COMP 110: Spring 200911 Software jGRASP On public lab machines All Programs / UNC Courseware / COMP 110 You can install on your machine We will do this during this Fridays recitation Please download the Java SDK and the appropriate version of jGRASP to your laptop before Fridays recitation! (See course schedule on web site for details)

12 COMP 110: Spring 200912 Grades Assignments - 60% Midterm - 15% Final - 20% Participation - 5%

13 COMP 110: Spring 200913 Assignments Labs assigned during Friday recitations Due by midnight following Thursday Programming Assignments Start Early! Some will build on previous assignments Reading Assignments Self-Test Questions from textbook Practice for exams

14 COMP 110: Spring 200914 Collaboration Dont cheat! You may never share code, unless otherwise specified You may not show your program to another student so that he or she can copy it or see how it works You may discuss general approaches with one another, but you may never share code

15 COMP 110: Spring 200915 Submitting Assignments Submitted through Blackboard Naming scheme Labs lastname_lab#.jar Programs lastname_pro#.jar HWs lastname_hw#.txt (or.doc)

16 COMP 110: Spring 200916 Late Policy Assignments may be turned in up to two days late at a penalty of 25% of total credit for each late day

17 COMP 110: Spring 200917 Working in the Lab Before you open jGRASP and start coding: read the assignment think about what the assignment is asking for review lectures and examples on the topic write (on paper) your plan for completing the assignment (i.e., your algorithm)

18 COMP 110: Spring 200918 Back up Your Work! Back up your work! You will lose something at some point You might have to learn the hard way Use your AFS space Use of AFS space is not required, but is recommended

19 COMP 110: Spring 200919 Campus File System Andrew File System (AFS) Disk space associated with your Onyen Automatically backed up by UNC AFS in the lab Automatically appears as drive H: when you log in On your personal machine You can install the AFS Client Wont see drive H: unless youre connected to the network (i.e., can access the Internet) More information

20 COMP 110: Spring 200920 Help! For help with general computer problems, including getting AFS enabled on your laptop or at home Also, for free software http://help.unc.edu962-HELP

21 COMP 110: Spring 200921 Exams Mid-Term To take a make-up mid-term, you must notify me in advance or have a doctor's excuse Final To take the exam at a different time, you must get permission from your Dean and bring me the blue slip you get from the Dean

22 COMP 110: Spring 200922 Sending Email to me Important! Put COMP110 in subject line For example: COMP110, Im lost COMP110, This course is too easy

23 COMP 110: Spring 200923 Homework 0 Posted on the course website Basic info about you/honor pledge Shouldnt take more than about 10 minutes Print, complete, and return to me in class on Wed (Jan 14 th ) Start reading the textbook, Sections (1.1, 1.2)

24 COMP 110: Spring 200924 Next Lecture Computer basics Hardware & Memory Your first JAVA program!

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