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Ambassador Richard H. Jones Deputy Executive Director, IEA IEA clean technology cooperation initiatives: the International Low Carbon Energy Technology.

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1 Ambassador Richard H. Jones Deputy Executive Director, IEA IEA clean technology cooperation initiatives: the International Low Carbon Energy Technology Platform and the Implementing Agreements Moscow, Sept. 19-20, 2011

2 The need for a global energy technology revolution A wide range of technologies will be necessary to reduce energy-related CO2 emissions substantially © OECD/IEA 2011

3 Electricity generation in Russia and other countries of the region Source IEA There is great potential for diversifying the share of renewables and increasing efficiency of existing power plants © OECD/IEA 2011

4 Global & Russian trends in public investment in RD&D Government RD&D expenditure in IEA member countries, 1974-2008 Source ETP 2010 © OECD/IEA 2011

5 Multilateral Technology Initiatives aka Implementing Agreements (IA) Global network of 6,000 experts More than 1,000 projects to date Governments and industry working together – Supply Cleaner fossil fuels Renewables Fusion – Demand Efficiency in buildings, electricity networks, industry, transport sectors – Cross-cutting Modelling, knowledge base, capacity building Time-proven, demand-drive, flexible co-operative mechanisms that produce concrete results © OECD/IEA 2011

6 Russia’s current involvement in IA FOSSIL FUELS Clean Coal Centre ---------------------------------X Enhanced Oil Recovery --------------------------X Fluidized Bed Conversion -----------------------X Greenhouse Gas Multiphase Flow Sciences FUSION POWER Environmental, Safety, Economy -------------X Fusion Materials -----------------------------------X Tokamak Programmes Nuclear Technology of Fusion Reactors -----X Plasma Wall Interaction in TEXTOR Reversed Field Pinches Spherical Tori Stellarator-Heliotron Concept -----------------X RENEWABLE ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES Bioenergy Geothermal Hydrogen Hydropower Ocean Energy Systems Photovoltaic Power Systems Renewable Technology Deployment Solar Heating and Cooling SolarPACES Wind Energy Systems Supply Demand TRANSPORT Advanced Fuel Cells Advanced Materials for Transportation Advanced Motor Fuels Hybrid and Electric Vehicles BUILDINGS Buildings and Community Systems District Heating and Cooling Energy Efficient Electrical Equipment Energy Storage Heat Pumping Technologies ELECTRICITY Demand-Side Management Electricity Networks Smart Grids (ISGAN) INDUSTRY Emissions Reduction in Combustion High-Temperature Superconductivity Industrial Energy and Technologies Cross-Cutting INFORMATION AND MODELLING Climate Technology Initiative Energy Technology Data Exchange Energy Technology Systems Analysis ---------------X Russia is taking part in 8 of the IEA’s 42 IAs (X). Pending membership in 2 IAs (yellow) & potential interest in 8 IAs (orange) © OECD/IEA 2011

7 A tool to accelerate progress: International Low-carbon Energy Technology Platform G8 in Italy & IEA Ministers request IEA to develop proposals for a Technology Platform Central aim: o Accelerate and scale-up action for the development, deployment and dissemination of clean energy technologies Considerations: o Enhance efficiency and accelerated actions o Open multi-stakeholder process o Based on countries’ expressed priorities o No new bureaucracies o Avoid duplication © OECD/IEA 2011

8 Technology Platform Objectives © OECD/IEA 2011 1.Catalyse technology collaboration initiatives 2.Share experience on best- practice technologies and policies 3. Review process of the low- carbon energy technology transition Technology strategy and roadmap implementation Identification of gaps, accelerated and prioritised action Efficient dissemination of best-practice technology, policy and tools analysis; body of expertise ActionOutcome

9 Current status of activities Singapore, 2-3 November 2010: technology collaboration dialogue Mexico, 29-30 June 2011: smart grids workshop Russia, 19-20 September 2011: efficient power generation Country-led collaborations Hydropower: 22-23 November 2010, Brazil Sustainable Hydropower Event & Launch of Hydropower roadmap Solar: North African and Mediterranean solar deployment (Morocco, France, Italy) - Project proposal under discussion (launch of this activity expected in Q1 2012) Wind/ Solar: ASEAN regional renewable technology roadmap deployment Renewables in Southern Mediterranean area: ongoing discussions with Enel about organizing a conference in Morocco in January-February 2012 with Southern Mediterranean and European stakeholders to explore opportunities and challenges of RES in the Sourthern Mediterranean area Roadmapping & Implementation: discussions have started with Ireland to organise a series of workshop on the issue of national roadmapping and implementation processes Technology Deployment through Roadmap and Strategy Development Scoping meeting on financing low-carbon energy technology deployment (IEA, UNEP FI, UNEP Energy Finance Unit) -1 June 2011) International collaborative activities Policy Analysis: Clean Energy Progress Report (CEM 2011) 2010 forward: Engagement with UNFCCC Technology Mechanism; engagement and data sharing with the Clean Energy Solutions Centre Policy and RD&D review and analysis © OECD/IEA 2011

10 Opportunities for engagement for Russia and CIS © OECD/IEA 2011 ActorsInputs to PlatformOutput from Platform Technology expert organisations Policy expertise, analysis and planning methodologies Expert exchange and enhanced resource efficiency Business and financial sector Technology and investment knowledge Engagement with policy makers, and access to policy information National governments Policy experience, data, and lessons learned Policy and methodology information to support technology transition International and regional technology policy forums Identification of analytical needs Overview of technology deployment status and public investment to help identify international priorities

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