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Vienna, 13 March 2015 IRENA Renewables: A Global Solution for Climate Change.

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1 Vienna, 13 March 2015 IRENA Renewables: A Global Solution for Climate Change

2 2 The Voice, Advisory Resource and Knowledge Hub for 171 Governments The International Renewable Energy Agency Renewable energy can:  Meet our goals for secure, reliable and sustainable energy  Provide electricity access to 1.3 billion people  Promote economic development  At an affordable cost Russia will becoming a member in the coming weeks

3 Structure and Membership Headquarters: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Three Programmes: Innovation and Technology Centre (IITC) in Bonn, Germany Knowledge, Finance and Policy Centre in Abu Dhabi Country Support Programme in Abu Dhabi Foundation 26 January 2009 in Bonn International Agency since April 2011 The only international RE agency worldwide Scope Hub, voice and source of objective information for renewable energy Mandate Sustainable deployment of the six forms of renewable energy resources (Biomass, Geothermal, Hydro, Ocean, Solar, Wind) 3

4 IRENA: Promoting deployment of renewable energy 4 IRENA provides a range of products and services, including Renewables Readiness Assessment, conducted in partnership with governments and regional organisations to provide policy guidance and facilitate the sharing of case studies and best practices; The Global Renewable Energy Atlas, hosted on the IRENA website, which maps solar, wind sources country by country; The IRENA Renewable Energy Learning Partnership (IRELP), on online learning network; Handbooks for renewable energy policy development; Technology briefs and case studies to strengthen evidence-based policy- making and investment; Facilitation of renewable energy planning at regional levels; Project Navigator and Project Facilitation Platform RESOURCE: Online information on renewable energy

5 Result for 59 recommendations in 8 RRAs: IRENA work is being translated into action

6 Renewables as a Solution to Climate Change 6





11 REmap 2030 - A roadmap for doubling the RE share REmap explores the potential, cost and benefits of doubling the renewables share in the global energy mix Technology options  No target setting; options characterised by their cost and potentials  Technology options can be combined into scenarios and translated into policy action Focuses on power, district heat and end-use sectors Coverage: 40 countries; 80% of the global energy use  2014 REmap analysis for 26 countries developed together with and validated by country experts  14 additional country analyses ongoing 11

12 REmap country map 12 Dark green: Completed country analysis (26 countries) Light green: Ongoing country analysis (14 countries)

13 Country coverage 13 REmap global final energy use coverage is reaching 80% Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Rep, Ecuador, Mexico, Uruguay Belarus, Belgium, DK, Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, UK, Sweden Iran, UAE, Saudi Arabia Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa Australia, Japan, South Korea, Tonga China, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia


15 15 REmap 2030 key findings Doubling the RE share to 36% in 2030 is technically achievable with existing technologies  Higher shares in power generation  More attention needed for heating and transportation fuels (biomass) Doubling is affordable when externalities are accounted for  However externalities are not reflected in todays prices. Many markets are distorted because of energy subsidies  Macro-economic benefits include more jobs; economic activity; health benefits; a cleaner environment; improved energy security Potential exists in all countries


17 Comprehensive REmap country reports Purpose: Translate analysis into actionable options Areas for joint action to accelerate RE deployment Germany, India, Ukraine, South Africa country reports in preparation Other country reports under consideration November 2014January 2015 May 2015

18 REmap deployment in support of INDCs 18 RE technology development -Current levels -National plans (BAU) -REmap 2030 potential Developments in the entire energy system CO 2 emission developments (by sector) Cost – benefit analysis

19 Mapping Out the Renewable Energy Transition 19 10% China is the largest single market for global renewable energy use

20 Energy Supply Consequences 20 The doubling of renewables will mostly offset coal consumption Renewables can be the largest source by 2030 Indicates 2012 level

21 21 The energy transition is affordable Benefits exceed costs better human health and CO 2 emission reductions are virtually for free

22 International Cooperation and the role of legislators 22



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