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The Four Seasons Grade One.

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1 The Four Seasons Grade One

2 What is a season? Each season lasts about 3 months.
A season is one of 4 periods in a year. Each season lasts about 3 months. In each season, there are changes in temperature, weather and length of daylight. Be sure to point out that a year is 12 months long. So, the four seasons take a whole year. Each season is not exactly 3 months long because the position of the earth to the sun varies by a few hours or days. Usually when the weather is warmer (Summer), the days are longer. When the weather is colder (Winter), the days are shorter. Sometimes, the weather is different then we would think (e.g. We often get very warm days in the fall when we are expecting the weather to be getting colder).

3 Why do we have seasons? Seasons are caused by the earth’s position in relation to the sun. The seasons change as the earth moves closer or farther away from the sun.

4 Some places don’t have seasons. Why?
Some places are close to the center of the earth near the equator These places do not move closer or farther away from the sun. Because of this, these places stay very warm all year round.

5 What are the four seasons?
Autumn Winter Spring Summer

6 Autumn Autumn is also called Fall because the leaves fall from the trees. In Autumn, the leaves turn colors of red, yellow, orange and brown. The weather begins to turn colder in Autumn.

7 Winter Winter is the coldest time of the year.
Snow falls in the winter. Ponds and lakes freeze in the winter. Christmas is in the winter.

8 Spring In the Spring, we get lots of rain.
Flowers begin to grow in the Spring. The leaves begin to grow on trees. The weather starts to get warmer.

9 Summer Summer is the warmest time of the year.
The water gets warm and we can go swimming. There is no school in the summer.

10 Class Activities What are some clothes that we wear during each season. Why? Draw a picture of the things that occur in each season. In which season is Halloween? Easter? Thanksgiving? Remembrance Day?

11 Special Thanks To: World Book Encyclopedia Earth’s Science
New Science for Kids

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