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The Ross-Blakley Law Library Presents. Research Strategies & Survival Tips.

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1 The Ross-Blakley Law Library Presents

2 Research Strategies & Survival Tips

3 Increase your Chances of Survival! Get as many details about the project as possible Ask questions Listen carefully Take notes Repeat the assignment Find out the deadline & desired final product Ask about resources to use

4 It’s better to ask questions at the start of an assignment than close to the deadline. Deadlines are set for a reason. Don’t put things off. You will almost never get in trouble for turning something in early. What attorneys want/need is not always what they ask for. The projects you’re working on are costing real people real money, real time, and real stress. Attorneys and clients like to save money. When possible, go with the cheaper option.

5 Before you start, ask yourself: –How much do I know about the subject matter? – Be honest with yourself! –What research tools are available? –Who can I ask if I need help? –How much time is it going to take me to do this project?

6 Your tools: Your law school Westlaw and Lexis passwords are NOT to be used for your summer job Loislaw Your employer’s Westlaw, Lexis, other online resources, and books Ross-Blakley Law Library’s resources Other law libraries’ resources Free web sites

7 I’ve got an assignment – what do I do? Have a plan Don’t forget about secondary sources Remember that there are more types of primary law than cases and statutes Look for research guidesresearch guides Don’t reinvent the wheel Update

8 When am I done? You’ve run out of time. You found the answer. It’s usually a matter of economics – how much is the client willing to pay? You looked at everything. You keep running into the same cases, statutes, etc. again and again There may be no answer!

9 Final tip: If you need help with a research project, contact a reference librarian at: –480-965-7161 or –

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