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Test and Assignment StrategiesThat Really Work!

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1 Test and Assignment StrategiesThat Really Work!
A Student Services Workshop

2 Does This Sound Familiar?
“I do so well on class work, but when I get to the test, I just freeze!” “I have no idea how to study for tests in this course!” “I always think I’ve done well on a test or assignment, and am so disappointed when it comes back with a poor mark.” “I always seem to be losing marks on assignments…but I don’t really know why.” “ I am not getting a mark in this class that reflects what I know.” 4/1/2017

3 Part 1: Why can studying for tests be such a challenging task?
It can be overwhelming to study weeks of material from a course for one test – so much to remember! The test can pull together several concepts from a unit – can create confusion You are still juggling other courses and commitments while trying to prepare for a test Some students can prepare adequately for the test but “freeze” when it’s time to write it – such a frustrating experience! We don’t teach students how to study effectively for each subject area, and we assume that they know how to do this by the time they get to high school 4/1/2017

4 Part 2: Why can working on assignments be such a challenging task?
Assignment expectations are not clear in the student’s mind from the start – and clarification questions are not asked The student doesn’t know where to begin or what steps need to be taken to complete the assignment The student doesn’t budget enough time to do each part of the assignment as well as they would like The student doesn’t do a final check of the assignment to ensure that they met all assignment expectations 4/1/2017

5 How do students make test and assignment preparation an even MORE stressful experience?
They have unorganized an/or incomplete notes They have not been asking questions along the way to ensure understanding They don’t budget their time wisely or start studying/working far enough ahead of time They don’t consider ways to make the most of their study time They don’t recognize the time and effort that will be required to adequately prepare They don’t adjust other priorities to be able to put in the time required to do well 4/1/2017

6 Test and Assignment Preparation Strategies Quiz
Take a moment to complete the quiz in your package and then score yourself using the key at the bottom of the quiz. How much work do you need to do to become better at test and assignment preparation? 4/1/2017

7 The Two Phases of Successful Test Writing
Phase One: The Preparation Paying attention in class Organizing notes Setting Priorities Reviewing Seeking clarification Taking care of yourself Phase Two: The Writing Remaining Calm Start with what you know Managing your time 4/1/2017

8 Phase One: The Preparation
Throughout the semester you should be… Paying attention in class Asking questions as soon as you don’t understand something Doing your homework daily Reviewing your notes regularly 4/1/2017

9 Phase One: The Preparation Continued…
In the week leading up to the test, there are many practical and effective strategies to ensure that you are as prepared as possible. Let’s flip to your package to explore these in more detail. 4/1/2017

10 Phase Two: The Writing Now that the test day has arrived, there are other strategies you can implement to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible. Let’s check out the “Tips for Test-Taking” in your package. 4/1/2017

11 Coping with Test Anxiety
Test anxiety can be a major concern for students both during the preparation and the writing phases. There are lots of useful strategies that can be applied to reduce stress and maximize results for the student Let’s look at your package to explore some of these strategies 4/1/2017

12 Different Types of Test Questions
Different kinds of tests will call for different types of question styles – multiple choice, matching, short answer, longer answer, essay or paragraph style etc. Every type of question has a series of tips and tricks that help students maximize their success on that question type Let’s explore in your package… 4/1/2017

13 Assignment Preparation Strategies
Regardless of the subject area, there are some key steps that students should follow to be successful on any assignment Let’s look at the steps in your package- as well as the assignment preparation template 4/1/2017

14 In Summary… Tests and assignments are a major part of the evaluation in any high school course These are common “challenge areas” for students – they can pull together lots of different concepts and require considerable preparation Implementing the strategies outlined in this package can make a great difference to your success in these areas – give them a try and let me know how they work for you! 4/1/2017

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