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Public Relations and Advertising

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1 Public Relations and Advertising

2 What is public relations?
Telling your story to the public Education Information Integrated communications tool Public relations is a values-driven management of relationship between an organization and the publics that can affect its success. Mostly it is writing well

3 A point of view with a twist
Persuade audiences to hold a particular view about your company and/or its products Put the organization and/or product in the best possible light Put the organization and/or product into the desired position in the marketplace CREDIBILITY!!!!!!!

4 Public relations IS writing

5 What you may write News releases Letters Speeches Backgrounders
Online copy Magazine articles Pitch letters PowerPoint presentations Media tour presentations Media kits Banners Contact sheets Newsletters Annual report letters Award announcements Award speeches Advertorials Letters to the editor messages Public relations plans Strategic communication plans Invitations Testimonials Biographies

6 What else you may write Apology letters Statements to the media
Crisis events Surprise announcements Crisis management plans

7 PR writing basics The message What “Feel” Fit

8 Public relations audiences
The Audience PR message and channel are defined by your relationship with your audience and the message Media outlets Sub-groups within the general population Internal or external audience

9 PR writing basics Media Print – complicated messages
Fit message Fit audience Multiple “touches” with audience Print – complicated messages Radio – short topics Internet – detail

10 The news release “Bread and butter” of public relations
Still a basic news story Company name in 2nd paragraph Boilerplate at the end Contact information Headline

11 News release format Letterhead
Contact information Headline Dateline Standard news format Double space Indent paragraphs “more” and “30”

12 News release format Boilerplate paragraph at the end
Founded in 1959, Sea Ray is the world’s largest manufacturer of superior quality pleasure boats headquartered in Knoxville, Tenn. With more than 50 different models ranging from 18 to 68 feet, Sea Ray makes a boat for every need. Each is built with a unique Sea Ray commitment to quality, craftsmanship and excellence throughout.

13 Basic news release types
Announcements Events Promotions New locations/branches Community activities Blood drive Donations Participation

14 Basic news release types
Media packets and related materials New product New service Localize (fill-in-the-blanks)

15 Media kit Why do a media kit? Distribution Event Program Promotion
At the event Mail By request

16 Media kit Includes: News release(s) on event, product(s)
Photos (on disk or CD) of key materials Contact information sheet Business card Bios of key personnel Backgrounders Testimonials

17 News release packets Set of news releases on a given topic or event
Newspapers may sell ads around it Designed for smaller media outlets to use as a series Program or project information

18 News packets Photos Graphics Event or program specific Product shots
Generic Royalty-free art Graphics Illustrates program or product Logos

19 News packets Cover letter Business card for follow up
Web site for more information Photos and artwork available electronically

20 Public relations nuts and bolts
Strategy defines a public relations plan Components of that plan determined with clients Materials are drafted and produced as “mock ups” Client has say on visual and written content Final version goes through “legal” Produced and distributed Follow-up on results

21 Mall of America Problem? Solution? Information distribution
News releases Q&As Fact Sheets Ads

22 Writing Ag advertising
General advertising Know thy audience!!! Demographics Psychographics Media use habits Level of involvement with the product Highly involved? Need other influences?

23 Writing Ag advertisements
Best channel for the audience and the message Create word pictures in the readers/listeners mind Touch, feel, commonality with the overall communications

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