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Media Relations Effectively working with your target news sources.

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1 Media Relations Effectively working with your target news sources

2 What’s being covered today? How media relations fits into PR program Establishing the relationship Media tactics Media relations measurement

3 PR: A formal definition A management function to establish mutually beneficial relationships between an organization and its publics.

4 PR: A simple definition The practice of doing the right thing—of performing— and communicating the substance of that performance.

5 How media relations “fits” Media comprise a “public” Media key in communicating “substance of our performance” Every organization can benefit

6 Value of media relations Communications for the budget- challenged Reputation enhancement Crisis response Product announcement or re-introduction

7 Media policy Written policy ** Who receives media calls ** Who is spokesperson ** Interview procedures ** Written material for media ** Media kit

8 Establishing the relationship Research ** ID media, contact people, current information ** ID preferred methods of receiving information

9 Establishing the relationship Target key media ** Geography ** Specialized departments & “beat” reporters ** Your message: “We are the expert resource!”

10 What do media want? Newspaper – Dailies ** Local angles ** Interview arrangements

11 What do media want? Newspapers – Weeklies ** Make their job easy

12 What do media want? Television ** Concise information ** No pictures, no coverage ** Topics that fit with programming

13 What do media want? Radio ** Concise information ** Topics that fit format ** Entertainment medium

14 Be prepared!

15 Media relations tactics Media visits ** Establishes rapport ** Learn their priorities ** Pitch specific topics

16 Media relations tactics Power of the news release ** Regular distribution (“News Release of the Month”) ** Employee announcements

17 Media relations tactics Letters to the editor Visits to editorial board

18 Special tactics Special programs, sponsorships, personalities Unique twist on an on-going program Be prepared with information

19 Tactics to use sparingly News conferences “Exclusives”

20 Media measurement Why measure? ** Quantify PR efforts in meaningful ways ** Gauge message frequency, location ** Use as benchmark

21 Measurement tools Advertising equivalency Impressions Content analysis

22 Measurement example “Quilt memorializes tissue donor” – Rockford Register Star ** 33 inches ** $91.83/inch advertising cost ** $3,030 advertising equivalency ** 71,562 impressions ** Positive!

23 In conclusion… Media relations: ** Part of ongoing relationship building ** Communicates the substance of your performance ** Quantifies your efforts to your company’s management

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