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The OMII Position At the University of Southampton.

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1 The OMII Position At the University of Southampton

2 eIRG Dublin, April 2004UK OMII2 What is the OMII? The Open Middleware Infrastructure Institute Open source code (OSI license), open standards (royalty free, OASIS/W3C standards), open source development Grid middleware (OGSA key services required for developing grid applications) Viewing grid middleware as infrastructure Institute of Southampton University Established January 2004 Initially £6.5M over 3 years, managed by EPSRC Funding split equally between institute and managed programme

3 eIRG Dublin, April 2004UK OMII3 The OMII goal / Vision “To ensure that middleware becomes production-quality, part of the infrastructure, and acquires sufficient functionality quickly enough to meet the expectations of the emerging grid user communities” Paul Messina The OMII will become the source for reliable, interoperable, open-source Grid middleware

4 eIRG Dublin, April 2004UK OMII4 Achieving the Vision Manage a repository of grid middleware Graded, tested software Primary contribution from UK e-science programme Establish and coordinate a managed grid middleware research programme > £3m targeted funding over 3 yrs First round proposals due end May Deliver reliable, interoperable, grid middleware infrastructure

5 eIRG Dublin, April 2004UK OMII5 OMII in Context Infrastructure Costs £3M Research & Development Programme (Themed Calls - £3.5M) OMII Technical Advisory Board (OMIITAB)

6 eIRG Dublin, April 2004UK OMII6 OMII will adopt web services approach Grid Services GT2 Web Services WSRF, … WS-Addressing… XML/SOAP OGSI 1.0 / GT3

7 eIRG Dublin, April 2004UK OMII7 OMII roadmap position statement The OMII vision is to provide the grid software distributions of choice for application scientists and industry. To achieve this the OMII needs to adopt: Common, commodity baseline architecture (web services) Deliver key horizontal services on the architecture applicable to all. Interact and be interoperable with other standards compliant platforms

8 eIRG Dublin, April 2004UK OMII8 OMII Infrastructure Position Detailed (1) Component sourcing, development and supply OMII plans to supply software components that, taken together in various combinations, provide the means to construct bespoke grid services that interoperate (through open standards) with grid services supplied by other major suppliers. OMII will support advanced grid components, in particular workflow, to agreed open standards, as these standards emerge. OGSA DAI and DAIT are major services for advanced data grids. OMII will support components that allow interoperation with versions of these services that are WS-I or WS-RF compliant. Interoperability OMII will support components that operate in various frameworks, including Globus frameworks, where these frameworks are implemented to the open standards WS- I[1] or WS-RF.[1] OMII will interoperate with batch submission systems, including Condor, InnerGrid and PBS, where these systems have been supplied with a WS-I or WS-RF interface. [1][1] WS-I 1.0 comprises SOAP 1.1, WSDL 1.1 and UDDI 2.04 plus other open standards

9 eIRG Dublin, April 2004UK OMII9 OMII Infrastructure Position Detailed (2) Grid Frameworks OMII will also develop its own framework that can host various services, where these services supply either a WS-I or WS-RF interface. OMII will support other frameworks, components and applications where there is an established community need and where OMII resource allows. Added Value OMII will publish exemplary Grid applications that can run on either a WS-I or WS-RF compliant infrastructure. OMII will support application development tools that accelerate, or otherwise improve, the grid application development process. OMII software will be open source.

10 eIRG Dublin, April 2004UK OMII10 Other OMII Influences Grid Operations Centre Support and training role UK ETFo and ETFp Deployment of components and frameworks Other middleware bodies Coordinate efforts with GGF, NSF NMI, EGEE, …

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