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OMII-UK Steven Newhouse, Director. © 2 OMII-UK aims to provide software and support to enable a sustained future for the UK e-Science community and its.

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1 OMII-UK Steven Newhouse, Director

2 © 2 OMII-UK aims to provide software and support to enable a sustained future for the UK e-Science community and its international collaborators

3 © 3 OMII-UK: Mission Promote the use of open-source software solutions to enable e-Science by providing: Software Support Sustainability Through this activity reduce the risk of building upon software from other projects Focus on the distinct needs of the user – be they researcher, developer or service provider

4 © 4 OMII-UK: Activity Southampton (£3.0M) Integration & Testing Teams User Community, Support & Technology Teams Edinburgh (£1.8M) OGSA-DAI Team Manchester (£1.9M) myGrid Team In the community (£2.5M) Funding external developers

5 © 5 OMII-UK Team

6 © 6

7 End-Users Technologists Providers Software Release (Tools & Services)

8 © 8 Embedded on the Web Site Software catalogue where you can share information about the software you have found useful to support your e-Science work A software repository where you can download software and contribute releases of your own software for others to use An easy to install software release that provides a proven collection of software components for configurable installation onto your own machines Documentation, tutorials and training

9 © 9 OMII-UK Users Applied Technology Specialists e-Infrastructure e-Researchers (domain & generic) Providers

10 © 10 Software OMII-UK provides you with informed access to open-source e-Science software OMII-UK can help you disseminate your e- Science software to a global community

11 © 11 Support OMII-UK provides confidence in adopting e- Science solutions through software support and training OMII-UK provides collaborative mechanisms to enable the e-Science community to help itself OMII-UK engages with the international community to define, contribute and disseminate best practice and standards

12 © 12 Sustainability OMII-UK partners with other software providers to provide best of breed software solutions OMII-UK works with UK and European funding agencies to provide a sustainable future

13 © 13 OMII-UK Software Release Download: Individual components from the repository Integrated release of components from various sources Software Release: Web Service Environment: Tomcat/Axis/WS-Security Select which components you want to install Components downloaded as required

14 © 14 Current 3.1 Release GridSAM: Job Submission and Job monitoring web service that uses the OGFs Job Submission Description Language (JSDL) to describe jobs. Grimoires: UDDI compliant registry web service that can support the addition of extra service meta- data. OGSA-DAI: Provides a framework for querying, processing and delivering data from and between heterogeneous sources via a web service interface.

15 © 15 Current 3.1 Release FINS: Implementation of the WS-Eventing specification. FIRMS: Implementation of the WS-ReliableMessaging and WS-Reliability specifcations. WSRF::Lite: A perl implementation of the WS-RF specifications (only tested on a few platforms in this release). PlotWS: A web service wrapper around the Gnuplot program – send in data get back an image of the graph.

16 © 16 Future Releases Taverna: Graphical workflow composition tool able to integrate different web, data and web service sources. BPEL: Packaging & contribution to the open-source Oracle/IBM BPEL workflow editor and ActiveBPEL execution engine. AHE: Application Hosting Environment a lightweight hosting environment for running unmodified scientific applications across different grid infrastructures.

17 © 17 In the Future… Open Grid Manager: A framework for reporting on the status of grid resources into Grimoires and viewing the collected results. KNOOGLE will develop a generic, user- customizable, flexible framework for matchmaking and brokerage of grid services.

18 © 18 Product Lines Life Sciences: Taverna workbench for integrated access to community hosted web and data services to support life sciences and bioinformatics. Compute Developers: Scheduling and execution of applications across different computational resources using GridSAM, Grimoires, and scheduling/matchmaking services. Data Developers: Software to federate data sources with different data schemas and different access policies based around OGSA-DAI. Service Developers: Secure web services hosting environment with infrastructure to support events (notification) and reliable messaging based around FINS, FIRMS, Tomcat and Axis. Educators: Basic secure web services environment with comprehensive tutorials and examples to learn how to use web services using Tomcat and Axis.

19 © 19 Software Contributors University of Edinburgh (OGSA-DAI) Imperial College London London e-Science Centre (GridSAM) University of Southampton Southampton e-Science Centre (PlotWS) School of Engineering Sciences (Geodise project) School of Electronics & Computer Science (Grimoires project) IT Innovation Centre (GRIA) University College London Centre for Computational Science (AHE) Department of Computing Sceince (BPEL) University of Manchester E-Science North West (WSRF::Lite) School of Computer Science ( my Grid project - Taverna) University of Indiana (FINS & FIRMS)

20 © 20 Project Contributors National Grid Service RealityGrid Steering Library Developmental Gene Expression Map Qurator: Describing the Quality of Curated E- Science Information Resources KNOOGLE

21 © 21 Collaborations To use and extend current components To contribute and provide new components Deployment scenarios to define products

22 © 22 Where next… For further information, project lists, etc: Web: For further questions, support issues, etc: Mail:

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