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The UK OMII Context, Vision and Agenda An Institute of the University of Southampton.

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1 The UK OMII Context, Vision and Agenda An Institute of the University of Southampton

2 Rome, 9th December 2003UK OMII2 Presentation Outline The need for the OMII The OMII funding context OMII management Six month outline plan Relationships with other organisations

3 Rome, 9th December 2003UK OMII3 Need for the OMII Past funding has created many research grid infrastructures and services “Research quality” software developed by researchers Encouraged diversity of approaches Encouraged specialised service variants to solve specific problems Good for research but not so good for achieving usability and adoption

4 Rome, 9th December 2003UK OMII4 Role of the OMII OMII will release reliable, resilient, robust distributions of grid infrastructure(/s) with generic services by drawing from existing work re-engineer code where appropriate filling in gaps UK OMII vision: The source for reliable, interoperable, open-source Grid middleware Supported with education and training

5 Rome, 9th December 2003UK OMII5 Funding Context Initial Funding from EPSRC of £6.5M over 3 years starting from 1 Jan 2004 £3M Repository management and distribution release engineering £3.5M Managed Programme to allocate funding to other institutions to re-engineer, harden or create services key to OMII releases.

6 Rome, 9th December 2003UK OMII6 UK OMII Management Structures Steering committee Tony Hey (Chair), key UK, EU, USA people involved in grid strategy Advise on OMII strategy and oversight on managed programme funding Technical Advisory Board Henderson (Chair), key UK, EU, USA people involved in grid development Advises OMII board on technical roadmap

7 Rome, 9th December 2003UK OMII7 The UK OMII Board Alistair Dunlop – Consultant Director Peter Henderson – Principal Investigator David De Roure – Co-Investigator Tony Storey – Technical Consultant Mike Surridge – Technical Consultant Syd Chapman – Chief Architect designate Colin Upstill – Business Consultant

8 Rome, 9th December 2003UK OMII8 Call Six Month Timetable Early contributions to repository – WS infrastructure, workflow, reliable messaging Repository available March 2004 – for community input Early release of first distribution - July 2004 Continued support for OGSI and WS platforms with evolving services Community need identified by gap analysis and by effective consultation Integrated Call for Managed Programme JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneJuly Roadmap Release Portal Repositor y

9 Rome, 9th December 2003UK OMII9 Relationships with other organisations and bodies Grid Operations Centre Support and training role Other middleware bodies Coordinate efforts with GGF, NSF NMI, EGEE, … Other OMII? China, USA Standards bodies W3C and Oasis through industrial partners

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