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Five Cultural Dimensions

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1 Five Cultural Dimensions
Geert Hofstede's Five Cultural Dimensions

2 Identity Identity focuses on the degree the society reinforces individual or collective achievement and interpersonal relationships.

3 Identity (cont.) Individualism Core value: individual freedom
Core distinction: me/others Key element: explicit concepts are preferred in communication

4 Identity (cont.) Collectivism Core value: group harmony
Core distinction: in/outgroup Key element: relationships are more important than the task

5 Power Power distance focuses on the degree of equality or inequality between people in the country or society.

6 Power (cont.) High Power Distance Core value: respect for status
Core distinction: powerful/dependent Key element: centralization

7 Power (cont.) Low Power Distance Core value: people’s equality
Core distinction: whether or not responsible for certain task Key element: decentralization

8 Gender Gender focuses on the degree of traditional gender role of achievement, control, and power.

9 Gender (cont.) Masculinity Core value: winning
Core distinction: man/woman Key element: material success is a dominant value

10 Gender (cont.) Femininity Core value: caring for others
Core distinction: care/need care Key element: caring for the weak & preservation is dominant

11 Time Time focuses on the degree the society embraces long- or short-term devotion to traditional forward thinking values.

12 Time (cont.) Long-Term Orientation Core value: long-term benefits
Core distinction: serve goals/not Key element: thrift and saving are good

13 Time (cont.) Short-Term Orientation Core value: saving face
Core value: saving face Core distinction: proper or not Key element: quick results are expected

14 Uncertainty Uncertainty focuses on the level of avoidance or tolerance for uncertainty and ambiguity within the society.

15 Uncertainty (cont.) Uncertainty Avoidance Core value: certainty
Core distinction: true/false Key element: what is different is dangerous

16 Uncertainty (cont.) Uncertainty Tolerance Core value: exploration
Core distinction: urgent or not Key element: what is different causes curiosity

17 Summary Culture Dimension One Extreme The Other Extreme Identity
Individualism Collectivism Power High Power Distance Low Power Distance Gender Masculinity Femininity Time Long-Term Orientation Short-Term Orientation Uncertainty Uncertainty Avoidance Uncertainty Tolerance

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