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Next-Generation Mobility Technology & Trials Mat Ford

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1 Next-Generation Mobility Technology & Trials Mat Ford

2 Agenda Why Mobile IP? Mobile IPv6 technical overview Mobile IPv6 vs. Mobile IPv4 Mobile IPv6 - Enhancements Mobile IPv6 - Status Home Networking and Mobile IPv6 3G and Mobile IPv6 SmartMobility Trial – Hong Kong 6WINIT – IPv6 Wireless Internet Initiative Questions

3 Why Mobile IP?(1) Both ends of TCP connection need to keep the same IP address for the duration of the session –This is the Home Address used for end-to-end communication IP needs to allocate new address when you move point-of-attachment to the network –This is the Care-of Address used for routing MobileIP turns mobility problem into routing problem by maintaining a dynamic association between HA and COA known as a Binding

4 Visited Net Why Mobile IP?(2) Home Net Mobile Node Home Agent Interne t Visited Net Corresponden t TCP connection Mobile Node TCP connection Mobile Node

5 MobileIPv6 Technical Overview(1) Router advertises routing prefix: Mobile node auto-configures Care-of Address Mobile Node sends Binding Updates to Home Agent and Correspondents Mobile Node is ‘Always-On’ by way of Home Agent 2001:618:6:f1:: 2d0:b7ff:fe91:5c0c 2001:618:6:f1:2d0:b7ff:fe91:5c0c + =

6 MobileIPv6 Technical Overview(2) Home Net Home Agent Interne t Visited Net Corresponden t Mobile Node TCP connection Mobile Node 2001:618:6:f1::2d0:b7ff:fe91:5c0c 2001:618:6:f1:2d0:b7ff:fe91:5c0c Binding Update TCP connection Binding Update

7 MobileIPv6 vs. MobileIPv4 Binding Updates allow mobile node to notify correspondents of current location – no ‘dog-leg’ routes Home Address Option permits topologically correct source address use – eliminates problems with ingress-filters Routing Headers remove overheads associated with encapsulation Enough security is built in (although key distribution problematical)

8 MobileIPv6 – enhancements(1) Hierarchical MobileIPv6 AAA interactions Fast/Smooth/Seamless Handoffs Header Compression Enable MobileIPv6 to act as mobility technology within and between cellular networks – All-IP Cellular Networks

9 MobileIPv6 – enhancements(2) Context Handover Heirarchical MIP AAA

10 MobileIPv6 - status Details of IPsec use in MobileIPv6 have been worked out Base protocol is at Last Call in the IETF Various interop tests have been successfully completed Several publicly available implementations

11 Autoconfiguration Always On Incoming comms for remote home automation Security P2P is growing fast Large numbers of devices Home networking with IPv6

12 Home networking & Mobile IPv6(1) Without MobileIP, connections from UserA to UserB have to go via ISP A and ISP B Inefficient routing Poor scalability Multiple single-points-of- failure ISP B User A User B ISP A

13 Home networking & Mobile IPv6(2) MobileIPv6 provides optimal traffic path Only initial traffic is routed through other ISPs point of attachment Subsequent traffic routed directly to COA Improves scalability ISP B User A User B ISP A

14 IPv6 in 3G networks IM domain is specified IPv6 only in Release 4/5 Are terminals dual-stack or IPv6-only? Is backbone network dual-stack or IPv6-only? In time all network elements will migrate to an IPv6-only solution Inter-working uses DSTM? NAT-PT?

15 IPv6 in 3G networks SIP Media Gateway Control Function PSTN 3G IM Domain IPv6 Network Call State Control (CSCF) Media Gateway (MGW) E-SGSN E-GGSN IPv4 Internet & Intranets IPv4 or IPv6 Internet / intranet v4v6 IPv6 Backbone for Tunnelling Layer v4v6v4v6

16 3G and MobileIPv6 MobileIPv6 enables seamless roaming between 3G/cellular environment and fixed home/corporate networks MobileIPv6 not currently specified in 3GPP

17 Smart v6 Trial Collaboration between BT, SmarTone and Ericsson Intended to demonstrate IPv6 applications, IPv6/IPv4 interworking, IPv6 over GPRS, and MobileIPv6 including intelligent content delivery Support SmarTone in their bid for a 3G license 2 day event in Hong Kong October 24 th /25 th

18 Smart v6 Trial Scenario 1: IPv6-only clients, IPv6-only network running Quake, mp3, Video, WWW Scenario 2: Interworking IPv4 and IPv6 Scenario 3: MobileIPv6 and content customisation Scenario 4: Inter-technology handover

19 IPv4 GPRS Container RNC WLAN BS2 Serial Router 2 Ultima HK Live IPv4 MAP Scenario 4: Fixed/Mobile roaming R520 Ethernet Scenario 3: Broadband MobileIPv6 Scenario 2: Wireless broadband IPv6 WLAN BS1 Scenario 1: Fixed broadband IPv6 VOD Local Native IPv6 Network HA Hub 3Hub 2 APPS (WWW, MP3, Quake, DNS) PROXY CN Hub 1 Router 1 Ethernet 6in4 tunnel PC 6in4 tunnel Private IPv4 addresses To UK PC MIPv6 Smart v6 Trial

20 Scenario 1: Broadband IPv6 Applications Server DNS Server HK IPv6 Network WLAN Quake IPv6 Local Internet IPv6 MP3 Audio IPv6 VoD

21 Scenario 2: IPv6 meets IPv4 DNS Server HK IPv6 Network IPv4 Internet UK IPv6 Network IPv6 Internet IPv4 Internet IPv6 MP3 Audio

22 Scenario 3: MobileIPv6 Portal Server Database Server Home Agent IPv4 Internet HK IPv6 Network Local News & Weather Home Domain Office Domain WLAN Business News, Shares & Reminders WLAN MIPv6

23 Scenario 4: Inter-technology handover Portal Server Database Server Home Agent IPv4 Internet WLAN HK IPv6 Network GPRS Business News, Shares & Reminders Mobile Domain Low Bandwidth Business News, Shares & Reminders GPRS Office Domain High Bandwidth Business News, Shares & Reminders Reformatted MIPv6

24 Smart v6 Trial

25 Compaq iPAQ 32MB OS on Flash ROM Runs LINUX Support for WLAN, USB Developing IPv6 support Need applications…

26 6WINIT – IPv6 Wireless Internet Initiative EU Fifth Framework project 18 project participants including US, Korea and Canada Aims to build international wireless IPv6 infrastructure and application testbed Applications: generic and clinical 2 year project 01/01/01 – 31/12/02 BT will provide network infrastructure and interworking expertise

27 Questions? Thanks for your attention Any questions?


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