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My Policies and Some Advice for Doing Well in this Course.

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1 My Policies and Some Advice for Doing Well in this Course

2 1.I do not accept late homework or activities. 2.I do not accept late homework or activities even if you are sick or … …even if something bad happens in your life. 3. But to make up for the things that might go wrong this quarter … … I will drop your one of your lowest homework grades. 4. Attendance is mandatory!! Your attendance grade will be lowered for each day missed. Tardiness will also effect your grade. Homework/Activity and Attendance Policies Why is this my policy? I want you to do well, and doing well means … Keeping up with the material by doing your homework on time. Coming to class to hear the lectures and do the in-class activities.

3 I fell off a building and was in a full body cast for a month … I have pictures and doctors’ excuses to prove it … But I am feeling a bit better now and want to catch up. Can we work something out? Yes, in extreme and excused circumstances I would, of course, be willing to work something out with you. BUT, what if … a student comes to me and says …

4 What you should you do if you miss class? 1.Check the Week-By-Week on the course website 2.Read the notes on the website and attempt to do the activities so you can learn the material. 3.Contact a classmate to get help or … 4. … come to the lab during one of the open periods to get help from a tutor. 5. If you still feel the need, contact me to set up a time to meet so that I can answer the questions you might still have after you have completed steps 1 through 4. I am always more than happy to help students who are putting time into the class! Don’t send an email, until you …

5 But wait a minute … let’s take another look at that email. What is wrong with … ? Dude! My name is Dr. Morales… No need to announce it. Oh, no, of course not. We never do anything important in class. And by the way, who are you? But then again at this point I can see why you wouldn’t want me to know who you are. If you miss class you don’t need to tell me about it. I know you are a good person. And as long as you follow the advice on the previous slide you’ll be fine.

6 Exam Policies There are no make-up exams or quizzes in this course. If you cannot take an exam or quiz due to illness or family emergency, you must inform me in advance by phone or email. An unexcused missed examination will count as a 0. An excused missed midterm exam is dropped, and the remaining forms of evaluation, especially the final exam, are more heavily weighted in the final grade. The same goes for the final exam: If you cannot take the final due to illness or family emergency, you must inform me in advance by phone or email. In the case of an excused absence, you will likely be granted an incomplete, but … DePaul Unversity Policy on Incomplete Grades: Grades of Incomplete are given only in cases of medical emergency or other highly unusual emergency situations. You must be earning a passing grade at the time you request an incomplete grade. You should have completed most of course, with at most one or two major forms of evaluation missing. Incompletes revert to an F if they are not resolved within one quarter. QRC Final Exam Policy: You must get a 60% or higher on your final exam to pass the course, regardless of your overall average in the course!

7 Final Project Policies You will likely work with a group for the final project. If you are not pulling your weight and your group complains to me (early enough in the quarter!), you will have to start from scratch and do a different project by yourself. So please stay in touch with your groupmates and do your share of the work. Attendance on the presentation days is mandatory. If you miss the day of your own presentation you will get a 0 for the presentation. If you miss any other presentation day your grade on the presentation will be lowered.

8 I missed the midterm. When can I make it up? Scenario: The day after the midterm. No prior correspondence between student and the teacher. Scenario: Two days before projects are due. No prior correspondence between student and the teacher. I did all the work on the final project, so could you please fail my group-mates? Scenario: Student gets an F in QR and is surprised. Why did I fail the course? I was getting an A? Scenario: Student shows up on Tuesday to give the group presentation, but doesn’t come on Thursday when other groups are presenting. Why did I get a lower grade than my group-mates? Scenario: Student is failing the course. Can I do extra credit to pass? If there is any extra credit it will be offered to the whole class. It will only help your grade a little bit and would never help you pass if you are failing. No, you didn’t let me know in advance, so you get a 0 for the midterm. I could have done something if you let me know a few weeks ago, but now it is too close to the end. The whole group gets the same grade. Student got a 20% on the final, which is well below the 55% cut-off. Attendance is mandatory on presentation days!

9 A few tips for doing well: 1.Come to class. 2.Do your homework. 3.Study the online materials before the midterm and the final exam. 4.Put in your share of the work on the final project. 5.Honor the course policies! Have a great quarter! The End!

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