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Globus activities within INFN Massimo Sgaravatto INFN Padova for the INFN Globus group

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1 Globus activities within INFN Massimo Sgaravatto INFN Padova for the INFN Globus group

2 Globus activities within INFN WP “Installation and Evaluation of the Globus Toolkit” of the INFN-GRID Project Goal: evaluate the Globus toolkit as a GRID framework providing basic services Which services can be useful ? What is necessary to integrate/modify ? What is missing ? Duration: 6 months Results of this first evaluation used to plan future activities

3 Tasks Security Information Service Resource Manager Globus deployment Data Access and Migration Fault Monitoring Execution Environment Management


5 Security (GSI) Already done: Evaluation of the Globus security architecture We like the general architecture, but: Granting local "identities" based only on certificate subjects allows the existence of multiple valid certificates for the same subject Authentication library not in sync with OpenSSL development Cryptic diagnostics (e.g. "certificate chain too long" when the CA policy check fails) Globus certificates (for hosts and users) signed by INFN certification authority

6 Security (GSI) To do: Definition and implementation of architecture of CAs Up to task force of the DataGrid project Make certificate requests easier Periodic update of CRL “Management” of grid-mapfile updates I.e.: a certain Globus resource must be available to all members of a specific physics group

7 Information Service (GIS) Already done: INFN MDS server serving Globus 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 installations Lot of problems using the “default” American MDS server Definition and implementation of test architecture of GIS (for Globus 1.1.3) Web interface for browsing

8 Dc=bo, Dc=infn, dc=it,o=grid Bologna GIIS INFN ATLAS GIIS GIIS Dc=mi,Dc=infn, dc=it,o=grid Exp=atlas, o=grid Top Level INFN GIIS Dc=infn,dc=it, o=grid Milano GIS Architecture (test phase) GRIS Implemented Implemented using INFNGRID distribution To be implemented

9 Information Service (GIS) To do: Netscape LDAP server as Top level INFN GIIS Tests on performance and scalability Results used to define and implement the GIS architecture Review the information gathered from the various machines and published in the GIS Other tools and interfaces for Grid users and administrators

10 Resource Management (GRAM) Already done: Job submission tests using Globus tools (globusrun, globus-job-run, globus-job-submit) GRAM as uniform interface to different underlying resource management systems (LSF, Condor, PBS) Some bugs found and fixed Standard output and error for vanilla Condor jobs globus-job-status … Some bugs can be solved without major re-design and/or re- implementation: For LSF the RSL parameter (count=x) is translated into: bsub –n x … Should be: bsub … x times … Two major problems: Scalability Fault tolerance

11 Globus GRAM Architecture Client LSF/ Condor/ PBS/ … Globus front-end machine Jobmanager Job pc1% globusrun –b –r \ –f file.rsl file.rsl: & (executable=/diskCms/ (stdin=/diskCms/PythiaOut/filename (stdout=/diskCms/Cmsim/filename) (count=1) pc1 pc2

12 Scalability One jobmanager for each globusrun If I want to submit 1000 jobs ??? 1000 globusrun  1000 jobmanagers running in the front-end machine !!! %globusrun –b –r –f file.rsl file.rsl: & (executable=/diskCms/ (stdin=/diskCms/PythiaOut/filename) (stdout=/diskCms/CmsimOut/filename) (count=1000) It is not possible to specify in the RSL file 1000 different input files and 1000 different output files … $(Process) in Condor Problems with job monitoring (globus-job-status) Therefore (count=x) with x>1 not very useful !

13 Fault tolerance The jobmanager is not persistent If the jobmanager can’t be contacted, Globus assumes that the job(s) has been completed Example of problem Submission of n jobs on a cluster managed by a local resource management systems Reboot of the front end machine The jobmanager(s) doesn’t restart Orphan jobs  Globus assumes that the jobs have been successfully completed

14 Resource Management (GRAM) Already done: Submission of Condor jobs to Globus resources (Condor-G and GlideIn mechanisms) Evaluation of RSL as uniform language to specify resources The RSL syntax model seems suitable to define even complicated resource specification expressions The common set of RSL attributes is often not sufficient The attributes not belonging to the common set are ignored More flexibility is required Resource administrators should be allowed to define new attributes and users should be allowed to use them in resource specification expressions (Condor Class-Ads model) Same language to describe the offered resources and the requested resources (Condor Class-Ads model) seems a better approach

15 Resource Management (GRAM) Already done: “Cooperation” between GRAM and GIS The information on characteristics and status of local resources and on jobs is not enough As local resources we must consider Farms and not the single workstations Other information (i.e. total and available CPU power) needed The default schema must be integrated with other info provided by the underlying resource management systems or by specific agents

16 GRAM & Condor & GIS

17 GRAM & LSF & GIS Must be fixed

18 Jobs & GIS Info on Globus jobs published in the GIS: User Subject of certificate Local user name RSL string Globus job id LSF/Condor/… job id Status: Run/Pending/…

19 Resource Management (GRAM) To do: Tests with GRAM API Tests with real applications and real environments (CMS fall production) Already started Memory leak in the job manager ?!?!?!? Solve the problems Identity a set of useful attributes of a Condor pool, LSF cluster, PBS cluster that should be reported to the GIS, and integrate the default schema Let’s start with information provided by the underlying resource management system Second step: specific agents

20 GRID Globus deployment Tools to enable local administrators to deploy the GRID software (now Globus 1.1.3 and related packages: OpenLDAP, …) Reduce complexity and manpower necessary for installation Decrease errors during installations Collect bug fixes Include INFN customizations Certificates (for hosts and users) signed by INFN CA … but user certificates signed by Globus CA are accepted as well Preliminary architecture for GIS

21 GRID First step (July 2000) Software distribution available on AFS Fixes for bugs found during first Globus evaluations included INFNGRID installation guide Instructions for INFN customizations included Scripts to make certain steps (i.e. post- install operations) automatic

22 GRID Second step (now) Pre-compiled distribution (available now for Linux Red Hat 6.1): INFNGRID 1.1 Script for installation and deployment: infngrid-install Users decide to use INFN customizations or “standard” setup Would you like the INFN setup (Y/N) ? (1) Copy INFNGRID tar files from /afs/ to download dir (2) Decompress and untar INFNGRID distribution files in install dir (3) Configure INFNGRID software (4) Globus Setup (5) Configure GRAM services (6) Globus local deploy (7) GIIS Configuration ==================================================== Condor and LSF

23 GRID Second step Script for post install operations: globus-root-setup Installation instructions for special environments (configuration of client machines, shared install-directory) included List of included bug fixes Status Tests performed in different environments (INFN, CERN, FNAL) “Officially” released Available to DATAGRID partners (1)Modify system files and reactive the inetd daemon (2)Change owner to root of certain files for tighter security (3) Modify system wide login files (4)Start/restart Globus now (5)Configure gsi-wuftpd and restart the inetd daemon

24 GRID Next steps Configuration of PBS as local resource management systems: 1.2 Support for Solaris 2.6: 1.2 We don’t plan (at least now) to support other platforms Improvement of current no-precompiled distribution Eventual use of infngrid-istall script for both pre-compiled and non pre-compiled distribution “Unattended” installation Management of updates Inclusion of GDMP: 1.2 Inclusion of other GRID software packages ?? Other works will be “triggered” by local administrators and users

25 Data Management Already done: Preliminary tests with GASS and gsiftp To do: Tests with GlobusFTP and Replica Catalog Software (Globus Data Grid Alpha Release 2)

26 GARA Preliminary tests considering both network and CPU advance reservation Client GARA API GARA Network Resource Manager sunlab3 sunlab2 CISCO 7500CISCO 7200 VC 100 Mbps FE Server

27 Other tasks Fault Monitoring (HBM) Evaluation of HBM for fault detection (for “system” and “user” processes) Data collectors (implementing automatic recovery mechanisms) … but the HBM package is not seeing active development Execution Environment Management (GEM) Evaluation of GEM as service for code migration … but the GEM service now provides only limited capabilities (executable staging)

28 Other info INFN-GRID/Globus

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