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INFN-GRID Globus evaluation Massimo Sgaravatto INFN Padova for the INFN Globus group

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1 INFN-GRID Globus evaluation Massimo Sgaravatto INFN Padova for the INFN Globus group

2 Globus activities within INFN WP “Installation and Evaluation of the Globus Toolkit” of the INFN-GRID Project Goal: evaluate the Globus toolkit as a GRID framework providing basic services Proposed work plan Globus deployment and installation tools Evaluation of Globus security services Evaluation of Grid Information Service Evaluation of Globus services for resource management Evaluation of Globus tools for data management Evaluation of Globus HBM for fault monitoring Evaluation of Globus GEM for execution environment management The activities of this WP are over A report on this evaluation will be soon available

3 Globus installation tools INFN-GRID installation tool to shorten the installation time of the Globus toolkit, avoid common mistakes, support for specific customisations Possibility (option) to install optional software, to proceed with INFN specific customizations (INFN CA, configuration of a hierarchical GIS architecture), to install and use specific INFN tools Proven to be successful within INFN (used to setup a INFN GRID testbed) and also outside (CERN, FNAL, …)

4 Globus installation tools INFN-GRID 1.2 Binary distribution (binary relocability), support for RH 6.x and Solaris 2.6, support for Condor, LSF and PBS, auxiliary packages (gsincftp, wu-gsiftpd, GDMP), upgrade procedure, various patches INFN-GRID 1.3 (just released) Other patches, in particular for job manager memory leaks (already available for INFN-GRID 1.2 installations), support for Solaris 7, full support for GDMP 1.2, distribution of various Globus flavored compilations, support for unattended installations Future RPMs, support for developers,... Other info (to download the INFN-GRID installation kit) (mailing list used to inform users about news, problems, etc…. related to the toolkit)

5 Security Evaluation of Globus GSI Some shortcomings, but the GSI security model seems to satisfy our requirements INFN-CA used to sign certificates Script for CRL (issued by INFN CA) distribution AFS tests Analysis of what can be done now with the existing tools (quite unfit for any real need) and possible ways to address the existing shortcomings

6 Security Centralized management of the grid-mapfile Goal: Ease the sharing of the same access policies (represented by the grid-mapfiles) for groups of hosts with common purposes Proposed system Central repository (LDAP server) to store user certificates (subjects) and to define groups of users Certificates published by CA manager Group manager responsible for editing group memberships (using a LDAP client) Resource owners (Globus administrators) periodically (i.e. cron job) “connect” to this repository, “download” the subject of the certificates that meet a specified criterion (i.e. all users of group X), and produce grid-mapfile entries

7 Information Service Evaluation of Globus GIS Definition and implementation of a hierarchical architecture of GIS 1.1.3 Performance and scalability tests MRTG tools to monitor LDAP (GRIS and GIIS) servers Web interface for browsing Various shortcomings must be addressed (to use the GIS in a production environment) Mixed push/pull model more suitable than a pull model Performance Lack of security …

8 Dc=bo, Dc=infn, dc=it,o=grid Bologna GIIS INFN CMS GIIS GIIS Dc=pd,Dc=infn, dc=it,o=grid Exp=cms, o=grid Top Level INFN GIIS Dc=infn,dc=it, o=grid Padova INFN GIS Topology GRIS

9 Resource Management Most of these activities as collaboration with Datagrid WP 1 (Grid Workload Management) Evaluation of Globus GRAM Tests with Condor, LSF and PBS as underlying resource management systems Lack of “robustness” (needed for real production environments) Memory leaks in the Globus job manager (fixed) Scalability (one job manager for each job) Reliability (the job manager is not persistent) … GRAM client API evaluation

10 Resource Management Evaluation of GRAM Reporter (“cooperation” between GRAM and GIS) in particular for farms Many useless attributes (at least for our needs), attributes not calculated (always defined as 0), some attributes not properly calculated by Globus shell scripts (i.e. totalnodes and freenodes for LSF) Some important information describing the farms and the submitted jobs (necessary for example for a resource broker) missing Draft proposal for a possible modification of the default schema Evaluation of RSL as uniform language to specify resources Submission of Condor jobs to Globus resources Condor-G (useful as a reliable crash-proof job submission service) GlideIn Preliminary evaluation of GARA Network reservation Evaluation of MPICH-G2 vs. MPICH Some shortcomings found (lack of support for shared memory, worse latency performance wrt. MPICH)

11 Gara Test: Implementation Client GARA API GARA Network Resource Manager sunlab3 sunlab2 CISCO 7500CISCO 7200 VC 100 Mbps FE Server

12 Gara Test: basic experiment Multiple flow, network reservation: bulk data transfert (background flow) + competing best effort flow + foreground flows with immidiate allocation. Multiple flow, network+CPU reservation. Evaluation tools: UDP traffic generator (modified version of gen_send and gen_recv; MGEN/DREC) and modified version of ttcp.

13 Data management Tests with GASS Tests with command line tools and APIs Problems (huge decrease in transfer rate) transferring big files Tests with Globusftp alpha release 2 Collaboration with WP network INFN-GRID Tests of new features Support for GSI mechanisms Capability of resuming interrupted file transfers Throughput tests using parallel data transfers

14 Other services Fault Monitoring (HBM) Evaluation of HBM for fault detection (for “system” and “user” processes) … but the HBM package is not seeing active development Execution Environment Management (GEM) Evaluation of GEM as service for code migration … but the GEM service now provides only limited capabilities (executable staging)

15 Conclusions The Globus toolkit can provide basic services useful to create and deploy usable Grids, but many shortcomings and issues must be addressed … more details in the report (very soon available) Other info:

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