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Work Package 1 Installation and Evaluation of the Globus Toolkit Massimo Sgaravatto INFN Padova.

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1 Work Package 1 Installation and Evaluation of the Globus Toolkit Massimo Sgaravatto INFN Padova

2 Objectives Goal: evaluate the Globus toolkit as a GRID framework providing basic services Which services can be useful ? What is necessary to integrate/modify ? What is missing ? Duration: 6 months (2000) Results of this first evaluation used to plan future activities

3 Tasks Globus deployment Security Information Service Resource Manager Data Access and Migration Fault Monitoring Execution Environment Management

4 Globus deployment Goal: reduce complexity for installation and maintenance  limiting the manpower “Central” Globus administrators responsible to: implement and maintain a central software repository develop tools and documentation to enable local administrators to quasi-automatically install Globus on local resources

5 Security (GSI) Implementation of “local” Certification Authority Relations with other CAs Integration of existing applications with GSI authentication mechanisms

6 Information Service (GIS) Tests on performance and scalability Results used to define and implement the information service architecture Tools and interfaces for Grid users and administrators Integrate the default information with other info, provided by specific agents

7 Resource Management (GRAM) Job submission on remote resources that don’t rely upon resource management systems Evaluation of GRAM with (local) resource management systems (LSF, Condor) RSL as uniform language to describe resources Translation from RSL to the specific resource description languages “Cooperation” between GRAM and GIS

8 Data Access and Migration Evaluation of GASS APIs to access remote files Adaptation of existing applications Evaluation of GASS and GSIFTP for data migration in LAN and WAN

9 Fault Monitoring (HBM) Evaluation of services for fault detection for Globus processes other “system” processes (i.e. http, ams, …) “user” processes Data collectors Detect and notify about failures Recovery mechanisms (i.e. automatic restart of crashed processes)

10 Execution Environment Management (GEM) Evaluation of GEM as service for code migration staging of executable location and/or instantiation of runtime libraries

11 Deliverables & Milestones Deliverables Tools, documentation and operational procedures for Globus deployment (6 Months) Final report on suitability of the Globus toolkit as basic Grid infrastructure (6 Months) Milestones Basic deployment grid infrastructure for the INFN GRID (6 months)

12 Personnel Contribution (man-months) Bari M. D’Amato (1),Art. 15 (2.5) Bologna F. Semeria (2) Catania R. Barbera(1), E. Cangiano (1), C. Rocca (1) CNAF A. Chierici (2), R. Cucchi (1.5), L. Fonti (1), A. Italiano(1), G. Vita Finzi (2) Lecce M. Cafaro (1), L. Depaolis (1), E. Fasanelli (2) LNF A. Martini (1.5), E. Pace (1.5) LNL M. Biasotto (1) Milano G. Lo Biondo (2), F. Prelz (1) Padova M. Sgaravatto (2.5) Pisa G. Bagliesi (2), F. Donno (2), A. Sciaba` (2), Z. Xie (2) Torino C. Anglano (1), A. Forte (1), L. Gaido (1) Total: 40.5 mm

13 Resources (for year 2000) Material Quantum GRID Consumables CNAF: License for LDAP Server – 1000 keys (10 Mlire) Travels Travels in Italy Meetings @ Cern for coordination with other partners

14 Other info INFN-GRID/Globus

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