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Staff Computer Training Exchange 2003: More User Friendly Vicki Hecht Cherry Delaney ITaP Luncheon October 14, 2003.

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1 Staff Computer Training Exchange 2003: More User Friendly Vicki Hecht Cherry Delaney ITaP Luncheon October 14, 2003

2 Staff Computer Training 2 Benefits for Purdue  Architectural design that offers hardware redundancy – Each set of mailbox clusters will consist of an active and passive node. Any hardware failures on the active node will cause it to fail over to the passive node.  Load-balanced front end servers – The front end servers will consist of a load-balanced cluster. All connections (OWA, IMAP, POP, SMTP) will be distributed among these servers. If one server fails, the connections will be distributed to another machine.  Decrease in maintenance – The redundant architecture will allow patches to be deployed to one node at a time, while it is inactive. Then the activity will be failed over to the patched node so the other server can be patched.

3 Staff Computer Training 3 Benefits for Purdue cont.  More feature rich OWA client – The Exchange 2003 OWA client offers spell check, Rules Wizards, Deleted Items Recovery.  Exchange 5.5 will no longer be supported  The ability to provide a Service Level Agreement for Backup/Restore  Accounts will be synched with career account information – Users Active Directory Account will be in synch with their career account. A password change in Active Directory will synch to all other centralized systems.  Increased connection security – The Exchange environment will require secure connections to make the environment more secure.

4 Staff Computer Training 4 Client Outlook Doesn’t Change Outlook on your computer at work won’t look any different. What doesn’t change???? The Signature on your computer at work is stored on that computer.

5 Staff Computer Training 5 What Does Change?  Log on through Internet at  Domain name is used for Username – onepurdue\purdue alias  Use usual password to logon  OWA looks like Outlook 2003, no matter which version you are using on your machine.  Exchange 2003 allows greater functionality of Internet connection through OWA

6 Staff Computer Training 6 Added Features!  Spell Check  Tasks  Mark message as read/unread  Use a default signature – this resides on the server, not the desktop computer/client piece  Can add a recipient to contacts from message  Rules editor for creating server-based rules from existing messages

7 Staff Computer Training 7 Added Features Continued  Keyboard shortcuts – Ctrl + R for reply Ctrl + Shift + F to forward a message  To mark a message you've previously opened as unread, select the message, and then press Ctrl+U.  Can flag messages for follow-up

8 Staff Computer Training 8 Junk Mail Filtering Exchange 2003 has spam filtering!!! Identifies likely junk mail and sends it to Junk mail folder To add the sender of a message to your Safe Senders List, right-click the message, and then select Add Sender to Safe Senders list.

9 Staff Computer Training 9 Options – Default Settings  Out of Office  Messaging Options  Reading Pane Options  Spelling Options  Email Security  Privacy and Junk E-mail Prevention  Date & Time Formats  Calendar Options  Reminder Options  Contact Options  Password  Recover Deleted Items stop

10 Staff Computer Training 10 How to Work in OWA Change Viewing Options

11 Staff Computer Training 11 Resolve Name  When sending a message, type in the name or initials, then click the Resolve Names icon. It will select the most likely match. You can then choose the correct name.

12 Staff Computer Training 12 Select Correct Name

13 Staff Computer Training 13 New Button!! Allows options besides email messages.

14 Staff Computer Training 14 Add New Folder Have the Inbox as the active folder to add a new folder for organizing email messages. Select the Folder text. Type In the Folder name

15 Staff Computer Training 15 Attachments This shows an email with attachments and the warning they may contain viruses.

16 Staff Computer Training 16 Attach a File Select the Browse button to find the file – then click the Attach button to insert the file. Select the Attachments: button from the email window.

17 Staff Computer Training 17 File Attached Once the file is attached, return to the email window and the attached file will be viewed next to the Attachments: button. If this is the wrong file, Select Attachments: button again and remove it in the attachment dialogue window.

18 Staff Computer Training 18 Remove an Attachment To Remove an attached file, select the radio button, then click Remove

19 Staff Computer Training 19 Calendar  Can view one month in Navigator section

20 Staff Computer Training 20 Appointments/Meetings  Can set an appointment or create a meeting from the same window. You can set a recurrence pattern for an appointment or a meeting.

21 Staff Computer Training 21 Tasks Can create tasks, view them different ways. Can set it to remind you of the task

22 Staff Computer Training 22 Notes  Notes can also be added with reminders

23 Staff Computer Training 23 Public Folders May not have permission to see all files. Click back button or close button to return to logon screen.

24 Staff Computer Training 24 Rules Server Side Rules Make sure to Save and Close

25 Staff Computer Training 25 Rules Wizard

26 Staff Computer Training 26 Options This message contained HTML content. A rule is set to block that portion of the email.

27 Staff Computer Training 27 Options  Make sure to enable Junk Mail filtering. Once selected, make sure to Save and Close.

28 Staff Computer Training 28 Unblocked Content HTML Content that was blocked.

29 Staff Computer Training 29 Safe Senders/Domains Select email addresses or domains considered to be safe and add to the list. 3 choices 1. Safe sender 2. Safe recipient 3. Blocked sender

30 Staff Computer Training 30 Upcoming Resources  The Staff Computer Training Web site will have a Tips page on how to use the new OWA for referral. Please check our website at:

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