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The Interweb, Google and that Facebook thing Making sense of it all.

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1 The Interweb, Google and that Facebook thing Making sense of it all

2 Quick Introduction Iain Valentine - Creative Director Sarah McGowan - SEM Specialist

3 Whitespace A creative agency working online and off…

4 What Do We Do? Blend strategic, creative and technical skills

5 Who For? The Scottish Government NHS Health Scotland HBOS Russell Europe

6 The Interweb, Google and that Facebook thing Making sense of it all

7 The Digital Market … is changing as we speak

8 72% of the UK population are internet users

9 It has never been easier to get online…



12 Online Spend Majority is Search Display ads getting richer Video Ad’s Interactive/games







19 Push vs Pull Pull - driving traffic to destination sites Push - pushing content out to users

20 Integrated Solutions Content pushed out across media - Branded You Tube Channels - STV ad funded channels - Channel 4 B&Q page


22 Rise of Video Online to be entertained Increasingly part of the online experience

23 Mobile 70million active mobile connections

24 Branded utility The age of dialogue

25 72% of the UK population are internet users Creating an Online Conversion Machine (with a little help from search engines)

26 91% of internet users use search engines



29 £££ Google $5bn last year. Google - £327m vs ITV £317m Advertisers – Great ROI Site Owners - Adsense

30 SEM = SEO + PPC

31 SEO – Optimising site for natural results

32 PPC – ‘Pay Per Click Ads’

33 Paid Inclusion – Paid for listing in ‘natural’ results

34 SEM and Conversions Search data helps inform: - Website design & build - Website content - Strategies for conversions

35 All Sites Have a Conversion Conversions consist of: - Purchase - Contact - Information

36 Simple Steps to Conversion 1. Match what user looking for 2. Support with relevant content 3. Design user-paths to increase conversions 4. Measure effectiveness

37 A Site for Search Design decisions based on search volume and search data: - Section structure and user-paths changed - Products given understandable labels - Clear route to sales

38 Listings! Site for search rank well more traffic = more conversions.

39 The Conversion Machine Conversion process starts before user enters site Design site based on what users want

40 72% of the UK population are internet users Social Media and the conversion machine

41 Social Media is … Blogs Social Networks Podcasts Wikis User Generated Content Mobile

42 New Marketing Rules New ways to engage with customers In 5 years… - 57% companies spend more on conversational marketing than traditional

43 Social Networking

44 Social Networking Usage 69% all web users US 37% adults, 70% teens New users leveling off US &UK 68% increase Africa & Middle East

45 Social Networking Ad Spend Linked In launched new advertising platform Ad spend projections curbed MySpace not hit 08 revenue targets

46 Engage with Customers Opening doors in branding Welcoming customers in Time spent with brand Business gain



49 Branded Utility Branded ‘Value Add’ APIs Branded Widgets - STA Travel widgets


51 eWOM Tracking Unsought discussion on Brand Reliance on Buzz tracking & eWOM Google Alerts

52 The Social Web and Search Social media has a strong role in determining search results: - Link building - Word of mouth - Recommendations - General online ‘presence’ - Changing content

53 The Social Web and Search However there’s no real control: - Search results are shared with positive or negative listings - e.g. Farrow & Ball

54 Maximise Brand Search Results ‘Take over’ of SERP for brand search Engage in social media & conversational Marketing - You Tube - Facebook Page - Blog Entries Optimise social media efforts

55 No Search Volume? Then create some! – e.g. Flogos Brand new product – no search volume Took off in social media Picked up by mainstream media Search volume now exists


57 Social Media Helps Conversions 70% of online shoppers read product reviews Reviews within site can increase conversions 20-30% (e.g, Net shops, 26%) Case studies can help convey information



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