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Got Listings? Get Sales With….

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1 Got Listings? Get Sales With….

2 Why Staging, Why Now? As a stager for more than twenty years, I have never seen a market more biased towards staged homes. Today’s buyers find their homes online and they choose the homes that look the best— staged homes. Shopping online for homes is here to stay and so staging. It’s no longer optional— it is a necessary part of the overall marketing plan. The time is right for a book that can prepare sellers for this new marketscape.

3 The Help You Need I’ve often felt frustrated by the unrealistic expectations home sellers have of their realtors. They abandon their own responsibility for the sale of the home and place all the burden on their agents. As a published author, I wanted to give my realtor friends a helping hand. With This Sold House , I’m leveling the playing field for realtors by making it clear to sellers that they play a large part in whether or not a home sells in today’s market.

4 What your buyers will find in This Sold House.
Created especially for the homeowner, This Sold House is filled with hundreds of low and no-cost ideas, all designed to help homes look good and sell fast. And there’s NO decorating ability required! Your buyers will learn how easy it is to: Attract MORE BUYERS Sell FASTER and for MORE MONEY Apply the Eight Keys to a QUICK SALE Master the Seven Secrets to SUCCESSFUL STAGING Use my DETAILED CHECKLIST to take the guesswork out of staging Create the GREATEST IMPACT with the LEAST EFFORT

5 About Diane
One of the country’s first staging professionals and an award winning author, Diane Keyes has been bringing her innovative approach to the real estate industry for more than twenty years. Her unique talents have brought her to four-star restaurants, multi-million-dollar island get-aways, and thousands of private homes. And when they needed someone to prepare the state mansion for the Swedish royal family the governor’s wife called Diane. She first began teaching classes in 1988 and has since taught her staging methods to many realtors seeking to fulfill their continuing education requirements. Along with consummate staging advice, Diane brings understanding and insight to the complex psychological issues surrounding the sale of a home, a much ignored but vitally important facet of real estate sales. Ms. Keyes is not only a pioneer in the staging industry, but an accomplished author as well. Her new book, Spirit of the Snowpeople, has just been released to rave reviews by DownEast Books. Writing This Sold House was a natural step for Diane to take as she continues to find better ways to help realtors and homeowners sell homes quickly and profitably.

6 Praise for Diane Keyes and This Sold House
“Empower yourself, empower your clients and empower your community by purchasing This Sold House by Diane Keyes.  A power packed toolkit of specific strategies that will help your listings sell faster and at top dollar. Diane is helping to elevate the stature of professional real estate, and for heart is filled with gratitude.” Kadena Tate-Simon, ABR, GRI Realtor®, Broker “Diane Keyes has been an important part of my marketing plan for the last fifteen years. She has prepared hundreds of my listings, helping them to sell quickly and more profitably. Other realtors often compliment me on how well my listings show. The reason is clear, Diane Keyes. Following the advice in this book is the best investment you’ll ever make in your home.” Mary Sommerfeld, Master’s Circle Realtor®

7 More Praise for Diane Keyes and This Sold House
“Tops on my wish list for Diane Keyes’ This Sold House is that it would have been published about a year sooner. My family spent over a year trying to sell a home. If I'd had this incredible expert's wisdom to call on, we might have saved ourselves money, time, and a fair amount of anxiety! Diane entertains and educates in this easy-to-read book. If you want to dive into the real estate pool, consider this book a life preserver!” Joan Steffend, host of HGTV's Decorating Cents “A must-read for all realtors who call themselves professionals, this book can help give you that competitive edge.” Peggy Sparr, Realtor® “This Sold House would be extremely beneficial for sellers to have before listing their homes, and it’s a great gift to give sellers when doing a market analysis for them.” Sheryl Vogesser, Realtor®

8 Old Sold
The owner of this house bought it twenty years ago because she thought it was so cute. When I pointed out that the front of the house was no longer visible she told me she hadn’t even noticed. She held the beauty of her home in her heart and no longer saw how the overgrown arborvitaes spoiled the home’s curb appeal. Sold Look at the amazing transformation that occurred when the arborvitaes were removed. Not only are the bushes gone but so are the long shadows that made the house so dark. This home is not just average—it is darling and buyers thought so too. It sold the first weekend in a bidding war.

9 Sold Old By eliminating the floor lamp and large
plant, your eye is drawn to the longest sight line in the space, making the room seem larger. Old Notice how your view of the living room is impeded by the position of the floor lamp.

10 Sold Old
Placed at an angle, with wall space visible on both walls, the chest appears smaller and the hallway effect is eliminated. The space also feels more open with only one accessory, placed away from traffic, on the top of the chest. Old With the chest parallel to the walls, it appears to just fit. This placement also makes the side of the dresser visible, increasing its bulkiness and creating a narrow hallway when the door is open. Large accessories crowd the top of the dresser.

11 Old In a small room with dark walls, keep things simple. It is easy to overwhelm the buyer and make the room seem even smaller with patterns, pillows, extra color, and a teddy bear. Sold With the print quilt turned over, the extra pillows and teddy bear removed, and a small arrangement added, your eye is drawn to the longest sight line in the left corner. When the picture above the bed is replaced with a smaller one that hangs vertically, the room appears larger. Although not as interesting, the space is more saleable.

12 Old Sold
Although this room is very attractive in person, the style is too busy for a small Internet picture, the way 86 percent of buyers find their home before scheduling a showing. After removing a large plant to provide bare wall space, the pillows, throw, and some accessories from the tables and hearth, the room is much easier to absorb.

13 All your clients need is the desire to profit from the sale of their home and this book! Say Yes Today to the BEST INVESTMENT You’ll ever make in Your real estate business! Purchase your copies today at

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