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TELEPHONE TECHNIQUE Getting the Prospect to the Community.

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1 TELEPHONE TECHNIQUE Getting the Prospect to the Community

2 Mona Manager Adventures in Apartment Living

3 COURSE OBJECTIVES After completing this course you will: Generate more traffic by converting leasing calls into walk-ins. Handle leasing calls confidently and professionally, leading to more appointments. Get the caller involved right away to create excitement and interest. Discover that prospects who originate from phone calls are easier to close. Understand company expectations when handling phone calls.

4 TELEPHONE TOOLS Always keep these items at hand to help you to reach the number one objective of handling a telephone inquiry: TO GET YOUR PROSPECT TO YOUR COMMUNITY Leasing Notebook Pencil or Pen Calendar Guest Card or Phone Pad Availability Rentable Items Rent Roll

5 SIX STEPS TO MAKE EACH CALL A SUCCESS! Step 1 – Stop what you are doing. Step 2 – Answer by the 2 nd or 3 rd ring. Step 3 – SMILE! – The caller will hear it! Step 4 – Enthusiastic Greeting – The callers first impression comes from your initial greeting. Step 5 – Warm and friendly Sound – Your positive attitude produces a friendly sound. Step 6 – Be Prepared – Have all your tools ready!

6 TELEPHONE TECHNIQUE The Goal – SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT! Remember, the only way to lease an apartment is to get the prospect to come see it. Invite them! The Greeting – Sets the Tone Answer on the 2 nd or 3 rd ring. Thank you for calling Courtney Village, this is Jennifer, how may I help you? SMILE! Ask the callers name early in the conversation and use it! Devote your full attention to the call. Avoid putting the prospect on hold.

7 Make Conversation! Ask questions of the caller. Show interest in personal life. Follow-up on openings, such as I just got promoted. Dont rush the caller. Use his/her name in conversation. Make a friend!

8 Conversational ?s and Topics MAINTAINING CONTROL OF THE CONVERSATION What brings you to the area? What type of furniture will you be bringing with you? Do you work nearby? Whats most important to you in your new home? If the caller is moving due to divorce or illness or family problems, sympathize with them. Moving is a hassle. Use this to relate to the difficulties the caller is facing in moving. By using conversational questions and topics, you can look for hot buttons, key interests of the customer.

9 Responding to Price Inquiries Sure! We have some different options available, so Id like to ask you a few questions… How soon are you moving? We have several different two bedroom floor plans, how much space are you looking for?

10 Go Beyond Just Giving Info – SELL! You must build value to overcome the price issue. Avoid listing information about the apartment, amenities. Paint a mental picture for the caller – be descriptive! Square footage is just an empty number.

11 DEMONSTRATING THE COMMUNITY OVER THE PHONE Techniques for DEMONSTRATING your Community Over the Telephone 1.WORD PICTURES – Sell your property and create interest by using descriptive and creative words to paint pictures in the prospects mind of your community, its amenities and the benefits. 2.EMOTIONAL WORDS – Move the prospect to action by using emotional words. Comfortable, perky, thoughtful, peaceful, smart, inviting, quiet, gracious, and warm, friendly, hot!, stylish. 3.SELL A SPECIFIC APARTMENT – Rather than reciting a list of square footages and rental rates, use a single unit to sell a specific apartment home. 4.SELL VALUE – Positively quote rental rates and incentives, stressing all the extras included in the monthly rental amount: ….and that includes free tanning and access to our fully-equipped fitness facility. 5.CREATE URGENCY – Give the prospect a reason to come NOW! A limited special, the last one on the 2 nd floor, the only apartment in that location, rental rates change daily.

12 To Hold or Not to Hold…. When at all possible, avoid placing a prospect on hold. If you must place the caller on hold, always ask permission (be sure to thank them, for holding once you return). Always check back within 20 seconds. Rather than placing on hold, ask for contact information to return the call within 10-15 minutes. Never answer the phone by saying, Please hold.

13 Get the Appointment Remember your goal! Dont let them hang up until they commit to an appointment. Try to get the caller to specify a date and time to visit. Offer appointment times. What works best for you, morning or afternoon? Great! I have a 2:15 or a 3:45 today. Dont be quick to disqualify! Let your prospect decide if your community is too this or too that by coming to see YOU and viewing your PROPERTY! Complete the guest card by getting contact information – phone and email. Offer to email floor plans, photos, or a map. Tell them you enjoyed talking to them and thank them for the call. Make others in your office aware of the appointment and enter it in OneSite.

14 Dos and Donts Dos – Smile when you talk. – Use the prospects name. – Make conversation…show genuine interest. – Ask qualifying questions. – Find out how they heard about the community! – Get the appointment! – Make sure to ask for contact information – phone and email. – Tell them you enjoyed speaking with them and thank them for the call. – Enter the phone call and appointment in OneSite.

15 Donts – Do not put someone on hold without their permission. – Do not simply answer questions with no further dialogue. – Do not rush. – Do not use negative descriptions, we have a small one bedroom available.

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