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DIALE administration items Coordinator Sanna Ruhalahti.

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1 DIALE administration items Coordinator Sanna Ruhalahti

2 Characteristics of transnational project teams People in the project Different management systems Different projects cultures Different situations Different organisations Different need and expectations Different cultures Different nationalities Different personalities Shared ownership Common aims Agreements and rules Collaboration Reflection Learning process You cant choose your partners Only few meetings a year Intensive, long meetings Extra work?

3 DIALE - Expected results Web service of dialogical competence Method cards of dialogical competence Training program for the development of dialogical competence DIALE Wiki Other dissemination materials

4 Workpages and phases in the timeline

5 Communication channels in the DIALE Social media will be as a tool of development work as well as processing and coordinating –WIKI –Webex –Skype –Emails ( tendency toward WIKI) –and

6 Social Media in DIALE-project Wiki - Development work and project coordination, networking + open information channel Youtube – short video clips Slideshare? Flickr? Facebook ? Newsletter ?

7 Pros and Cons aspects – ” always under development ” Explicit No outdated documents process workingEnables process working Enables networking Easy to correct mistakes Documentation and visibility of process Anyone can operate and collaborate No needs for EXTRA project intranets Change in personal working methods Takes own learning time IT orientated Enduring incompleteness Challenges in structuring information

8 Evaluation The internal evaluation is based on Kirkpatrick’s (1998) four-level model which assesses the development of dialogical skills and knowledge as a process. The evaluation is a process in which every level is based on the results of the previous level. The levels of reaction and learning assess the results of training and education. The effectiveness is assessed by the change in present activities (transfer) and results. –Levels are 1) reaction 2) learning 3) behavior and 4) results (effects)

9 The circle methods of development 1. Planning and translations – method descriptions 2. Realization and piloting of methods 3. Feedback and assessment of results (evaluation model) 4. Development and publishing of methods

10 Dissemination activities Different ways: –The press, especially specialist publications that are concerned with the subject matter of the project –Newsletters –Flyers and brochures –Internet – using the project website and actively searching for links to associated sites –Exhibitions and displays –Seminars and conferences NOTE!! remember to keep a record from all activities and list them to the DIALE WIKI immediately

11 Dissemination – some points Roles of associated partners Strengthing link to vocational education (focusing) Update activities directly to the WIKI -> always ”online” Update activities directly to the WIKI -> always ”online”

12 Financial reporting Time tables: –period 1.10.2010 – 31.03.2011,-> 10.05.2011 10.11.2011 Interim report –period 1.04.2011 – 30.09.2011,-> 10.11.2011 Interim report –period 1.10.2011 – 31.03.2012,-> 10.05.2012 –period 1.04.2012 – 30.09.2012, -> 10.11.2012 The balance will be paid accordingThe balance will be paid according to invoiced, duly reported and actual expenditures Delivery address: HAMK University of Applied Sciences, Päivi Oksanen, P.O Box 230, 13101 Hämeenlinna, Finland Send financial report also by e-mail, NOTE: do not send copies of invoices by e-mail

13 Interim report NA monitoring before deadline Processing in the wiki

14 Next steps Dissemination activies Familiarise yourself with 2 dialogue articles Evaluation process starts 01/2011 II webinar II meeting in Netherland 04/2011

15 Thank you for your attention Muchas gracias Ευχαριστούμε Dank u Kiitos

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