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OH 2-1 Defining Job Descriptions Human Resources Management and Supervision 2 OH 2-1.

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1 OH 2-1 Defining Job Descriptions Human Resources Management and Supervision 2 OH 2-1

2 OH 2-2 Job Descriptions in the Employment Cycle Job descriptions relate to several activities in the employment cycle.

3 OH 2-3 Job Specifications Detail the qualifications a person should have to do the job Examples Education Experience Emotional and physical skills

4 OH 2-4 Job Descriptions and Performance Standards Job descriptions Indicate the duties that make up a job Performance standards Indicate how well a duty must be completed

5 OH 2-5 Job Description vs. Performance Standard Example of duty as a job description and as a performance standard Duty as a job description Duty as a performance standard Greet drive-through customers Greet drive-through customers using the standard greeting within fifteen seconds of their arrival at the drive-through board.

6 OH 2-6 Functions of Job Descriptions For recruiting and screening For hiring and orientation For employee development and training For performance programs and evaluations For salary administration

7 OH 2-7 Functions of Job Descriptions continued Safety and security Union relations Legal proceedings

8 OH 2-8 Classes and Grades

9 OH 2-9 Levels of Authority Top Management Middle Management Supervisory Management Employees

10 OH 2-10 Organizational Charts Outline hierarchy of the organization Flow of authority & communication Unbroken line between all levels of the organization Relationships between positions Each position should have only one supervisor Impact & interaction of positions across the organization

11 OH 2-11 Organization (con’t) Similar act ivies should be grouped together to structure departments within an organization Organizational charts/business structure, must change continually to reflect the constant change in business

12 OH 2-12 Sample Organizational Charts Shows hierarchy within the Organization

13 OH 2-13 Sample Organizational Chart

14 OH 2-14 Sample Organizational Charts Shows relationships between department within an organization

15 OH 2-15 Microsoft 2007 1) Add a new Slide 2) Insert SmartArt Graphic 3) Choose Hierarchy

16 OH 2-16 Microsoft 2007 3) Choose Hierarchy 2) Insert SmartArt Graphic 3) Choose Hierarchy 4) Click on the style you would like to use

17 OH 2-17 Microsoft 2007 Right 5) Click on the Text box and type in position names 6) Right click on the box where you want to add an additional postion, and choose Add Shape. This will add a box: after, before, above, below or to add an assistant

18 OH 2-18 Shows relationships of core elements within the organization

19 OH 2-19 Sr. Vice President Vice President District Manager QA Manager Finance Director Executive Chef Marketing Manager Vending Manager Account Area Trainer General Manager Area Team

20 OH 2-20 Job Analysis Provides detailed breakdown of duties in a position Identifies skills, knowledge, attitudes, and experience needed for success in the position Tells job’s environmental conditions

21 OH 2-21 Job Analysis continued Employees can help with job analysis tasks.

22 OH 2-22 Developing Job Descriptions Job descriptions should be free of discriminatory language. Information should be specific enough to indicate job tasks. Job descriptions should not be so detailed that the job is defined in rigid terms.

23 OH 2-23 Components of Job Description Job identification information (title) Position supervisor Job summary Job responsibilities Job specifications

24 OH 2-24 Good Job Descriptions Do not include information about policies and operating procedures. Provide only that information needed to clearly define the job.

25 OH 2-25 Job Descriptions Recognize ADA Concerns The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities in employment. Job descriptions must identify potential functions (key duties) employees in a position must be able to do.

26 OH 2-26 More About Job Descriptions and ADA Employers do not need to accommodate a person if doing so will impose an undue hardship on the business. Clear job descriptions should address issues about whether persons can be accommodated for a position.

27 OH 2-27 Exempt and Nonexempt Positions Minimum wage and overtime pay is not required for exempt (salaried) positions. Minimum wage and overtime pay is required for nonexempt (hourly) positions.

28 OH 2-28 Traits of Exempt Positions

29 OH 2-29 Traits of Nonexempt Positions

30 OH 2-30 Job Descriptions Change Over Time Responsibilities may change as operations or employees grow or change. Job descriptions may change because of regulations. Equipment, menu items, and operating procedures may affect job responsibilities. Union contracts may change.

31 OH 2-31 Key Term Review Back of the house (BOH)—positions that involve work normally performed in the kitchen and other areas where customers do not go Bona fide occupational qualifications (BFOQs)—the realistic range of skills or credentials needed to perform the essential functions of the job Class—cluster of jobs that have common information or skill areas Competencies—general capabilities needed to perform a duty Essential functions—key duties that an individual must be able to perform in order to do the work Exempt—positions that are not covered under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

32 OH 2-32 Key Term Review continued Front of the house (FOH)—positions in the dining room or other public areas to which customers have access Grade—category of jobs that fit into a defined salary range Hourly—position that is nonexempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Job analysis—a study of a job to identify required duties, skills, knowledge, attitudes, and experience required for the position and environmental conditions applicable to the job Job description—document that defines the work involved in a particular assignment or position Job specifications—qualifications a person should have to do the job Nonexempt—same as hourly position under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

33 OH 2-33 Key Term Review continued Performance standards—statements that identify how well and possibly how often or how quickly a duty must be completed Reasonable accommodations—change in the job application process, the way a job is performed, or to other parts of a job that enable a person with a disability to have equal employment opportunities Salaried—same as an exempt position under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Scope of a job—range of responsibilities a person working in a job is expected to undertake Undue hardship—an action that is excessively costly, extensive, or substantial in relation to an employer’s size and financial resources, or that would fundamentally alter the nature or operation of the business

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