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ICQ in Russia Innovative Online Advertising. Making the move – Advertising on IM - WHY? Forrester Research: IM replaces Fix line phones in partnering.

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1 ICQ in Russia Innovative Online Advertising

2 Making the move – Advertising on IM - WHY? Forrester Research: IM replaces Fix line phones in partnering people’s every day life – IM is a personal communication tool Serving advertisements to users Personal communication tool has significant advantages: Its personal, its intimate, and has high level of user attention Advertisers can now reach millions of users through their personal communication tool and have an ongoing dialogue with Millions of young people in Russia!

3 Intimate Media – What is it ? The only personal media with high reach and rating Mass media Personal / Intimate Low Reach / Rating High Reach / Rating Web ICQ – IMPush SMS Direct Mail Radio Print Out Door TV

4 is a unique media provides you with the same benefits as television, print and outdoor advertising – with better focus, exposure, frequency and effective rating. Through ICQ, advertisers can conduct a dialogue with a targeted young, loyal & dedicated audience. No other media can provide such benefits!

5 Partnering audiences are looking for a glue product that will enable easy connectivity between PC – Mobile – Landline – TV. ICQ is a personal communication center, where users keep their personal friends list, express feelings, and share experiences every day. CPCC nature drive users on a Daily Basis by offering communication of PC to PC (text, voice, & video), PC to Mobile (text & voice), PC to Landline, & PC to TV Therefore CPCC serves as the ideal platform for Premium Services, Pushing Content, & Advertising ICQ Presents: Next Generation of Personal Communication Tool From IM to CPCC – Cross Platform Communication Center

6 Cross Platform Communication Platform (CPCC) Concept Call (VoIP) Write Text(SMS)

7 IM – Very Effective Rating Broad reach of the coveted and the hard to reach Teen & Young Adult audience Instant Messaging is the dominated and fast growing communication tool among this audience.. communicate to them using their favorite communication tool! Stickiness (very long sessions) Effective rating (a combination of minimum Active/Daily viewers +minimum exposures / impressions a day) International exposure in 19 languages A leading intimate media tool ICQ - The best effective rating you can get in Russia – 3.5 million active viewers 1.6 million daily viewers

8 ICQ B2U (Broadcast-To-User) A New Online Advertising Product

9 Traditionally, there are three main “periods “ that define the relations between Media and Target Audience : The “ Optimistic period “ - Media companies expose the advertisement. Hope the target audience is "out there" to receive the message (TV campaigns, billboards, etc.) The "Expectation period ” - Media companies expose the advertisement.Hope that target audience will react. (Examples – Online banners sold through CPC, print advertisements with an invitation to call a phone number, etc.) The “ Conditional period ” ( B2U ) - Broadcasting only when the target audience sends a signal indicating that they are present and available for exposure. Advertisement will be broadcasted only IF and AFTER user generates a signal. The Conditional Media-Target Audience Relation is the foundation of Effective & Real Rating!

10 ICQ B2U: Advertising That Matters Daily Unique Viewers Payment -> know what you pay for! Clickable format – > broadcasted directly to the Personal Communication Tool of millions Unique placement – out of the frame – > part of user's personal and friendly dialog Limited number of daily unique broadcasts -> high level of viewer attention With ICQ B2U advertisers get real and effective exposure!

11 See How It Works…

12 ICQ in Russia

13 ICQ Worldwide The world ’ s first Internet-wide Instant Messaging service Founded in 1996, acquired by America Online in 1998 200+ million registered users #1 most popular download the last 10 years on CNET – over 345,000,000 Downloads Available in 19 languages Users are connected to ICQ ~ 5 hours per day in average

14 ICQ Strategy in Russia Russia is an important strategic market for ICQ with a large and growing, young and loyal user base To ensure continuing growth in Russia and support ICQ’s localization strategy, ICQ has partnered with Rambler – a strong local player. ICQ-Rambler launch took place on Sept. 2005

15 Rambler / ICQ Partnership Combines ICQ ’ s international communication and community experience with Rambler ’ s local portal services & content Complement Rambler ’ s value proposition to a full suite of offerings that now includes Content, e-mail, Services and Instant Messaging Strengthens the penetration of ICQ ’ s cutting edge technology through Rambler ’ s distribution and marketing capabilities Build on ICQ ’ s renown expertise in communication tools through Rambler ’ s local market know-how

16 ICQ version 5.1 The newly launched ICQ version 5.1 in English, will soon be followed by a new Rambler/ICQ launch. The new Client includes among other features : tZers, improved Voice, new emoticons transparent Xtraz and status improvements ICQ5.1 also introduces a new approach to advertising – ICQ B2U

17 ICQ/Rambler Stats and Features ICQ in Russia: Over 3.5M active users (last 30 days) in Russia* Over 1.6M daily online users* Rambler/ICQ version: Over 1.2M Rambler-ICQ active users* Over 550K daily online users of Rambler-ICQ version* Exciting Localized features on Rambler/ICQ in addition to the original ICQ features: Rambler mail Two-Way SMS Rambler Audio – online radio Russian news and weather forecasts Rambler games – Sputnik & Chess *ICQ Internal Data, May 2006

18 Monthly Active Users Continuous High Growth

19 Daily Active Users

20 ICQ Demographics Young audience: 80% Under 30 Years Old

21 Internet Market Share 21.8MM Online Users (1)21.8MM Online Users - information Technologies & Communications Minister (November 2005) (2)3.6MM ICQ Users - ICQ Monthly Active users – April 2006 (ICQ Internal Data) 3.6MM ICQ Users Over 16% of Internet Users in Russia Use ICQ on a regular basis

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