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Centre for Health & Technology Maritta Perälä-Heape, PhD Director, CHT.

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1 Centre for Health & Technology Maritta Perälä-Heape, PhD Director, CHT

2 Trends and opportunities in health care Role of citizens: Individualized healthcare From disease treatment to health promotion Diagnostics from chronic disease analysis towards health monitoring and life style change Social media, games… Independent living ”Connected health”: Towards mobile and ubiquitous health care Emergency of completely new businesses, new business models Next generation of wireless solutions in health care (wireless monitoring, future home & future hospital)

3 Future health technologies High potential for applications in promoting wellbeing and health

4 Oulu Innovation Alliance (OIA)  The ultimate target of the Oulu Innovation Alliance agreement is to keep Oulu as an internationally acknowledged center for innovation an to build national and international networks of collaboration  The OIA founding partners have committed 1.To focus their operations, education, research and development activities on agreed innovation areas. 2.To invest in the development of agreed infrastructures. 3.To develop and test innovation systems and processes to accelerate the development of new business  The focus areas are Internet research, printed electronics & optical measurement technologies, global business & economies, environment and healthcare sectors.

5 Where health and technology intersect - the next opportunity Centre for Health and Technology (CHT) creates life science/ICT- driven growth opportunities by combining cutting-edge research and innovations with agile new business creation. CHT’s role is to combine the best ideas, people and resources from different fields of industries and science for co-creation of next generation health technologies, appliances and services. CHT projects are multi-disciplinary with the main focus is in technology but closely linked with application development, usability and social sciences.

6 Centre for Health & Technology Develops innovation processes Identifies regional innovation potential Recognizes co-operational multi-disciplinary opportunities Follows actively trends and builds strong project portfolio Ensures the communication/crosstalk between the science and industry/health care providers Facilitates dynamic development, experimenting and piloting

7 University of Oulu Oulu University of Applied Sciences City of Oulu – BusinessOulu; Social and Health care services VTT, Technical Research Centre of Finland Technopolis Plc Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District Other important interest groups include project partners, innovators, companies and business developers. Partners and co-operation Partners and co-operation

8 To build strong RDI project portfolio to attract funding> thematic issues and priorities Strategic cooperation with global networks Dynamic innovation process of multi-disciplinary RDI Globally advanced RDI environment and infrastructure for piloting CHT Focus Areas: Wireless health monitoring Genes and lifestyle Individualized healthcare CHT core activities:

9 Evidence-based and commercialized results and platform solutions for companiesindividualshomeshospitalsmunicipalsetc. Needs & Specifications Local, national and international companies Public and private healthcare Highest level multidisciplinary research and technology platforms 9 Biotechnology Diagnostics Molecular medicine Clinical medicine Cohort Medical Technology Information systems Wireless Communication Machine vision Focus Areas Wireless health monitoring Genes and lifestyle Individualized healthcare Focus Areas Wireless health monitoring Genes and lifestyle Individualized healthcare Piloting Centre for Health & Technology

10 Innovation process Oulu Wellness Institute PrintoCent CIE Maigbe PanOulu Technology health centre Oulu Wellness Institute PrintoCent CIE Maigbe PanOulu Technology health centre - Consumers - Municipals - Hospitals - Health centres - Insurance companies Training & Publications Inter&-national project co-operation Solutions Innovations Start-ups Business development - Remote monitoring - Health training - Feedback systems - Etc. - Existing companies - New companies -Trends -Invest in Idea/ proactivity Basic research Applied research Piloting Business (product/ser vices) Customer needs

11 Wireless Health Monitoring Combines top level technological and medical expertise in Oulu area ◦ Broad existing project portfolio and cooperation in academia and companies ◦ New project ideas on health promotion, aging, dignostics, methods for sensoring and monitoring, imaging, wireless monitoring, wireless hospital, international cooperation Comprehensive technology platform ◦ Smart sensors and intelligent clothes, body area networks (IEEE 802.15.6 standard), Positioning technologies, database and server systems, data and network security, 3D Internet Individualized healthcare applications ◦ Metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis, neurodegenerative diseases, aging ◦ Remote monitoring and diagnostics, Health promotion From basic research to field tests and end-user applications ◦ Indoor Living Labs ◦ Outdoor Living Labs 11

12 Individualized Healthcare-Intelligent Piloting Environment COMPREHENSIVE Health and Wellness Management for Individuals Test User Community Creation of global test user profile bank network for testing applications and services Unique life-long cohort study for wellness and health Data bank covering generation 1966 born in Northern Finland Pregnancy, prenatal, childhood, puberty and adulthood data Personalized medicine (genes and life style) Epigenomics for profiling genome and gene activity in health, wellness and disease Printing technologies in low-cost high-volume consumer diagnostics Social and motivating innovations Engagement of web and mobile services

13 International co-operation Enhancing international co-operation between innovation (research & business driven) clusters in areas or topics of common interest Improving and sharing RDI infrastuructures (transnational piloting, testing, and/or innovation camp) Exploring opportunities for financing of joint projects Enhancing researcher/professor mobility actions in areas of common interest

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