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MARKETING PLAN: How to Gauge Marketing Performance 19-1.

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1 MARKETING PLAN: How to Gauge Marketing Performance 19-1

2 The Communication Effects “Pyramid” Use – 5% Trial – 20% Preference – 25% Liking – 40% Knowledge – 70% Awareness – 90% Behavioral Cognitive Affective

3 19-3 Chapter Questions What direct channels can companies use? How should companies do direct marketing? When is a sales force useful? How do companies manage a sales forces? How can salespeople improve selling, negotiating, and relationship marketing skills?

4 19-4 Direct Marketing Channels used to reach and deliver goods and services to customers without using market middlemen.

5 19-5 Direct Marketing Channels Catalogues Direct mail Telemarketing Web sites Email marketing Mobile devices Interactive TV

6 19-6 Constructing a Direct-Mail Campaign Establish objectives Select target prospects Develop offer elements Test elements Execute Measure success

7 19-7 RFM Formula for Selecting Prospects Recency Frequency Monetary value

8 19-8 Types of Telemarketing Telesales Telecoverage Teleprospecting Customer service and technical support

9 19-9 Designing a Web Site Context Content Community Customization Communication Connection Commerce

10 19-10 iTunes Affiliate Program

11 19-11 Sales Tasks Prospecting Targeting Communicating Selling Servicing Information gathering Allocating

12 19-12 Designing a Sales Force Sales force objectives Sales force strategy Sales force structure Sales force size Compensation

13 19-13 Steps in Effective Selling Prospecting/Qualifying Preapproach Approach Presentation Overcoming objections Closing Follow-up

14 19-14 Activity Target Markets and Prospects –Direct market consists of five elements - product, offer, medium, distribution method, and creative strategy. –On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being does not work, 5 being works very well) rank these pieces on these five elements. What is the group’s consensus as to which offers would works the best and why?

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