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Chapter 10 Integrated Marketing Communications 2: Direct Communications Techniques.

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1 Chapter 10 Integrated Marketing Communications 2: Direct Communications Techniques

2 Database marketing is defined as…
…an interactive approach to marketing that uses individually addressable marketing media and channels (such as mail, telephone and sales force) to: Provide information to target audience Stimulate demand Stay close to customers by recording and storing an electronic database of customer, prospects and all communications and transactional data.

3 A Marketing database Marketing database Customer and prospect
information Transactional information Professional information Marketing database Product information Geodemograhic information

4 A Marketing database is an…..
“electronic filing cabinet” containing: List of contact names Addresses Telephone numbers Lifestyle data Transactional data – type, frequency, value of purchases Responses to promotional offers

5 Bring a Friend A wide variety of businesses such as apparel retailers, gyms and educational establishments run ‘bring a friend’ promotions as a way of growing their potential database of customers

6 Database sources Company records Responses to sales promotions
Warranty and guarantee cards Offering samples that require the customer to give name, address, telephone number etc. Enquiries Exchanging data with other companies Sales force records Application forms e.g. store loyalty cards Complaints Previous direct marketing responses Organised events e.g. wine tastings

7 Direct Marketing Applications
Direct Mail Telemarketing Distributor management systems Loyalty marketing Targeting marketing

8 Direct Marketing Methods
Direct Mail Telemarketing (both in-bound and out bound) Direct response advertising (coupon response or ‘phone now’) Catalogue marketing Digital media (Internet, , interactive T.V.) Inserts (leaflets in magazines) Door-to-door leafleting

9 Managing a Direct Marketing Campaign
Marketing strategy Identify and understand target audience Campaign objectives Media decisions Creative decisions Execute and evaluate campaign

10 Forms of E-Commerce From Business From Consumer B2B C2B
Priceline To Business B2C Amazon ITunes Google C2C eBay Facebook MySpace To Consumer

11 Pantene A highly emotional advertisement for Pantene shampoo made in Thailand became a huge YouTube hit

12 Unique Features of Digital Marketing
Identification Co-creation Instantaneous Digital Marketing Control Interactivity

13 Forms of Digital Marketing
Internet Marketing Interactive television advertising Search advertising Mobile Marketing marketing Digital Marketing Viral Marketing Social Media Marketing

14 Will it Blend The Blendtec ‘Will It Blend’ series has been a hugely popular viral marketing campaign running since 2006 and has currently generated over 100 million hits

15 Buzz Marketing is defined as…
‘…the passing of information about products and services by verbal or electronic means in an informal, person-to-person manner’. The first step in a buzz marketing campaign involves identifying and targeting alphas (the trendsetters who adopt ideas early) and the bees (the early adopters). Brand awareness then passes from these customers to others who seek to emulate the trendsetters.

16 The Selling Process Preparation The opening
Need and problem identification Presentation and demonstration Dealing with objections Closing the sale The follow up

17 Sales Management Salesforce size Salesforce organisation
Designing the salesforce Setting objectives Recruitment and selection Training Managing the salesforce Motivation and compensation Evaluation of salespeople

18 Chapter Summary The marketing database is the foundation on which direct marketing campaigns are built. Customer relationship management (CRM) is a development from database marketing and makes use of technology to build and foster business relationships with customers. Direct marketing is where consumers are precisely targeted through a variety of different techniques including direct mail, telemarketing, mobile marketing, direct response advertising and catalogue marketing Digital marketing continues to grow rapidly. It has five main characteristics, namely, easy identification of targets, interactivity, instantaneous communications, consumer control and co-creation of outputs. There are seven major forms of digital marketing , namely, Internet marketing, search advertising, marketing, social media marketing, viral marketing, mobile marketing and interactive television advertising. Buzz marketing is an emerging marketing tool that capitalizes on the importance of word-of-mouth promotion. Greater global electronic connectivity has fostered the rise of buzz marketing. Personal selling plays an important role in the marketing mix.

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