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Entrepreneurship Chapter 9 - Selling Your Product.

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1 Entrepreneurship Chapter 9 - Selling Your Product

2 Selling Your Product Sales Force - is another term for salespeople or sales representatives Company employees who are directly involved in the process of selling Personal selling has several advantages over other types of promotion Helps Build Personal Relationships Allows for Customized Communication

3 Selling Your Product Characteristics of Successful Salespeople Positive Attitude Good Listener Persistent Hard Worker Truthful Consistent

4 Selling Your Product The Selling Process Finding and qualifying sales leads Preparing for a sales call Making the sales call Closing a sale and following up

5 Selling Your Product Sales Lead - is a person/company that has some characteristics of your target market Promotional Responses Referrals Data Mining Cold Calls

6 Preparing for a Sales Call Set Up an Appointment Learn About the Prospect Know Your Product or Service Develop an Overall Selling Strategy Write a Presentation Outline Making a sales call Closing a Sale and Following Up

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