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CIS 251 – Lesson 6 Creating a Word Document Rod Rodrigues.

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1 CIS 251 – Lesson 6 Creating a Word Document Rod Rodrigues

2 The way people work In the modern office, word processing software has replaced the typewriter Yet some practices set in motion when we used typewriters may still persist, despite the fact that they are no longer necessary or preferred.

3 The foundations of writing Spell checkers, grammar checkers, wizards, and templates make it easier to produce correct documents. They also enable some poor writing. Writing starts before you take a finger to key

4 Word processing software Word processing software is the most widely used computer application Wide selection available word processing applications in use today First word processor – IBM 1960’s process words store customer addresses in a central core location integrate data from the stored tables into documents.

5 What is Microsoft Word? Previous PC standards Wordstar Multi-Mate (Insurance industry/Wang) Word Perfect Word is a full-featured word processor that uses a GUI...

6 Help for the Spelling Challenged Most pepul have difficulty speeling corectly If a word is typed that does not appear in Microsoft Word’s dictionary, Word will flag the possible error with a wavy red line Also called a red squiggly Word checking, not spell checking

7 Starting Word From the Start button Start > All Programs > Microsoft Word From a document Double click on an existing document that was written in Word

8 Microsoft Word 2003 Tutorial 1 – Creating a Document

9 Plan a document Word is a tool that helps you quickly create documents with a professional look. Create Edit Format Print

10 Organize your thoughts

11 Identify the components of the Word window Some of these components, such as the menu bar, title bar, toolbar, and status bar, are common to all Windows screens To check the name of a Word toolbar button, position the mouse pointer over the button (without clicking) to display a ScreenTip

12 Word window components

13 Getting Started with a letter Display both toolbars – Standard and Formatting Turn on the Ruler Set the Zoom setting to 100% Set the Font and Font Size Times New Romans 12 pt Turn on the Show/Hide option

14 The Standard and Formatting toolbars These toolbars can be turned on or off by selecting the Toolbars option on the View menu.

15 The Font dialog box Set special effects by checking these options. View a sample of your selected font and attributes in this box.

16 Change Font settings on the Formatting toolbar The Formatting toolbar has buttons to change font attributes such as bold, italic and underline, and to change text alignment.

17 Display non-printing characters

18 Create a new document

19 Enter text in a new document Typing at the insertion point Word wrapping Getting to a new page Automatically On purpose Spelling and grammar checking Auto correct

20 Entering a Date AutoComplete When you type a date such as February, as you begin to type the name of the month, Word jumps ahead and guesses the name of the month Insert > Date and Time Allows you to insert today’s date in various formats

21 An example of AutoComplete

22 Inserting a Picture From Clip Art From a picture.jpg,.gif, and more From the clipboard A picture you have copied from another screen From the Web

23 Save a document One BIG advantage of using a computer is that you may save your work for later retrieval If you don’t bother to take the time to save, you will have to type it back in later if you want to print it again Choose a name to use File > Save

24 Saving a document Save in Document type Documents name (notice that I don’t enter the.doc) Save vs. SaveAs

25 Saving to your “H: drive” Do not change the Save In: location box Click on My Documents to save in your Home Directory or the H: drive Click on Save or press the Enter key

26 Printing a document Many documents today are created to be electronically sent Email Attachments Web Download Use common formats Be sensitive to the recipients situation

27 The Print Preview window

28 The Print dialog box

29 Create an envelope Word will print an envelope for your letter Tools > Letters and Mailing

30 The Envelopes and Labels dialog box

31 Specialty Printing Tell the printer what the destination size is if it is not a standard piece of paper.

32 End

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