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Money Matters Student Financial Services Orientation 2011.

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1 Money Matters Student Financial Services Orientation 2011

2 Where to find us….. The DeVoe Moore University Center Suite A1500 Online: Phone: (850)644-9452 Fax: (850) 644-5142

3 What we do….. We accept payments for tuition and other University charges. We disburse financial aid and University refunds. We process Florida Pre-Paid tuition plans and other third party billings. We assist students with debt management.

4 Complete your Account Refund Setup (ARS) Authorizes Student Financial Services to release your financial aid awards to pay all University tuition and fees. Refund Options – SunTrust account – Paper check mailed to local address Student Financial Responsibility 1098-T tax form Notification of Social Security collection Acknowledgement of financial responsibility to the University Parental Access Federal guidelines (FERPA)

5 Where is my bill?

6 Account Statement

7 Payment Options In Office Payments: Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm FSU Card Cash Check or Money Order Online Payments : FSU Card Debit Card All Major Credit Cards Electronic Check $7 convenience fee for all online transactions

8 Florida Prepaid Billings are automatically entered We do not need to see your Prepaid card Two Types of Florida Prepaid: Standard Plan Standard Plan plus the Local Fees Plan Contact Information: 1-(800)552-4723 *Florida Prepaid dorm is handled by the Housing Office*

9 What about Financial Aid?

10 Financial Aid Student Financial Services disburses financial aid on the 5 th day of classes: Financial Aid consists of: Grants Loans Scholarships Bright Futures Tuition and Fees are automatically deducted. Once all tuition and fees are paid any excess money is refunded according to the Account Refund Setup.

11 When is Tuition Due?

12 Tuition Payment Deadlines Summer Session C: Friday, July 8, 2011 Fall Term: Friday, September 9, 2011

13 What if I Pay Late? A late fee of $100 may be assessed to unpaid tuition. Unpaid tuition may lead to cancelled schedules and additional fees.

14 Quick Summary Parental Access We cannot discuss any account information with the parent unless this in on file. Paper bills will not be sent Account information is available anytime through Blackboard Accounts Receivable Charges Any amount owed to the University will place a hold on the student’s account.

15 Frequently Asked Questions

16 Bright Futures and Florida PrePaid How does Florida Prepaid and Bright Futures work together? We will enter a billing for Florida Prepaid after the student registers for classes. We will disburse financial aid on the 5 th day of classes and any remainder will be distributed from the set-up of the ARS.

17 Non-Tuition Charges How do I pay for Housing, Dining and Bookstore Charges? Housing, Dining and Bookstore charges are all billed separately. You may choose to have your financial aid pay for these charges IF arrangements have been made AND you have enough aid to cover all charges due.

18 529 Plans How can I use my 529 plan to pay for tuition? You will need to submit a copy of your account statement to your 529 plan provider. The 529 plan provider will remit payment to us and it will be applied to the student’s account statement. Please have the 529 plan provider include the student’s name and FSUSN with the payment.

19 Questions?

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