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Columbus State University Bursar’s Office Orientation Presentation June 23, 2014

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1 Columbus State University Bursar’s Office Orientation Presentation June 23, 2014

2 What is the Bursar’s Office? To support the University's educational goals by making the process of paying bills and the process of refunding as quick & easy as possible

3 Services Offered:  Acceptance of payments for: Tuition and related fees Emergency loan payments Parking tickets & replacement IDs Transcripts Meal plans  Process and disburse refunds for excess financial aid awards  Administration of Corporate and Third Party Contracts, such as VA Chapter 33 and GoArmyEd

4 What We Will Cover Today: 1. Academic Calendar 2. Tuition & Fees 3. Paying Your Tuition & Fees 4. Refunds 5. Communication between Students and Our Department 6. Third-Party Billing

5 1. Know Your Deadlines- Academic Calendar All departments follow this calendar Fee Payment Deadline for fall 2014 August 6 Schedule Changes** August 18-22 Fee Payment Deadline for Schedule Changes: August 22

6 Terminology used on Academic Calendar  Fee Payment Deadline The date when all fees listed on students’ invoices must be paid in full  Drop/Add Period (100% refund)** Time period when a student can drop a class from his or her schedule without penalties **If you drop class(es) after drop/add date with 100% refund, you will not receive a refund

7 2. Tuition and Fees  Students are charged tuition and fees, based on: Credit hours Format of the classes Degree program

8 2. Tuition and Fees  On-campus classes Lower tuition rate per credit hour Charged all mandatory fees  Online classes Higher tuition rate per credit hour Charged only technology & institutional fees


10 Mandatory Fees  These fees are charged to: Provide services & facilities to students Support CSU’s physical and technological infrastructure Listing and explanations are available at the Bursar’s Office or online at:

11 3. Your Invoice An invoice is generated when a student registers for classes It shows: Charges for classes Payments that were applied to student’s account Whether you owe or will receive a refund

12 Printing/Viewing Invoice Please print your invoice to see if any financial aid has posted on your student account. (Authorized) financial aid means that has not posted to student’s account at the University Invoices will be available for Fall 2014 after July 1, 2014

13 How to print your invoice: 1. Log on to Cougarnet 2. Go to the Enrollment Services Tab 3. Under Student Accounts click on “Print Invoice/Bill” 4. At the bottom of screen click on “print invoice” again 5. Select the semester/term 6. Your Invoice will show up on the screen

14 1. Log on to Cougarnet

15 2. Click “Enrollment Services” tab

16 3. Under Bursar/Student Accounts, click “Print Invoice/Bill”

17 3. Select the semester

18 4. Scroll to the bottom, click “Print Invoice/Bill” again

19 Tuition, Housing, & Fees

20 Financial Aid & Payments

21 Reminder: Please View/Print Your Invoice after registration or schedule changes. You May Owe Us!

22 Paying Your Tuition Do not stand in line – Pay Online Payment Options:  Mail Check and Money Order  In-person Credit/Debit Card, Check, Money Order & Cash  Online Credit/Debit Card & Check (Web)

23 Paying Your Tuition Do not stand in line – Pay Online  Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week  You can authorize others (parents, grandparents, employers) to pay for you.  You can make partial payments by typing over the amount displayed. Invoices must be paid in full on the day of fee payment deadline.

24 Paying Your Tuition Do not stand in line – Pay Online 1. Login to CougarNet & Click “Enrollment Services”

25 Paying Your Tuition Do not stand in line – Pay Online 2. Locate the Bursar/Student Accounts box & Click “Pay Online”

26 Paying Your Tuition Do not stand in line – Pay Online 3. Follow the prompts to pay your tuition using the Payment Portal

27 Paying Your Tuition Do not stand in line – Pay Online 4. Students-Authorizing Your Parents to Pay:

28 Nelnet Payment Plan Columbus State University partners with Nelnet Business Solutions to let you pay tuition and fees over time, making college more affordable. Easy online enrollment using CougarNet No interest loan $ 50-$70 enrollment fee per semester  Register early for classes to start payments Early registration into the payment plan=smaller down payment amount

29 Refunds According to Federal Student Aid handbook, we have 14 days to process and disburse refunds to students From the date of: First day of class on the Academic Calendar OR When the refund credit is posted to the student’s account at the University

30 Reasons Why Refunds Take “So Long”  Students make changes before and/or during the first week of classes  Refund information must be confirmed by Office of Registrar and Financial Aid before disbursement can occur

31 Receiving Your Refunds All student refunds are disbursed through Higher One Refunds are issued to the student

32 Refund Preference You will need the HigherOne card to select your refund preference HigherOne Refund Preferences Processing Time (from when the funds are received by HigherOne) CougarOne Card (HigherOne Bank Account) Same day Deposit into Personal Checking or Savings Account Additional 3 to 5 business days Paper Check Additional 5 to 7 business days Please select a refund preference, even if you are not receiving Financial Aid!

33 Higher One Card - mailing

34 Early Book Program Early book program is only available to students who early register for class and have completed all financial aid requirements. Depending on the balance of excess financial aid, you may use up to $600 for the purchase of books and supplies.

35 Early Book Program You will have to enroll into the program by: 1. Logging into your CougarNet account.CougarNet 2. Clicking the “Enrollment Services” Tab 3. Look for the Bursar’s/Student Accounts section 4. Click “Early Book Program Authorization”. Make sure your Early Book Program & Title IV funds authorizations are authorized

36 FERPA: Family Educational and Privacy Act Federal Law that allows a student, that is 18 years old or older, the right to his or her educational privacy We are not allow to disclose enrollment status, grades, and/or billing information to anyone without student consent

37 FERPA: Family Educational and Privacy Act How to give consent for an individual to obtain/receive information about your student account: 1. Log into CougarNet 2. Click the “Enrollment Services” Tab 3. Locate the Bursar/Student Accounts Box 4. Click “Information Release Form (FERPA)” link 5. Type in the information requested of that individuals and click “Submit” or “Apply”

38 Tax Form 1098-T  Tuition statement used to obtain certain Educational Tax Credits  CSU reports only: Charges billed for Tuition and Mandatory Fees Scholarships/Grants that were awarded to the students We do not report payments made on student’s accounts to the IRS

39 Third Party Billing VA Benefits Contact: Mrs. Kathye, VA Certifying Official  Email:  Office: University Hall 026 529 College Savings Plans & Employer Tuition Assistance Contact: Mrs. Patty, Third Party Administrator  Email:  Office: Bursar’s Office, University Hall, 1 st Floor

40 Communication with Students  Check your Columbus State email daily Official form of communication  Courtesy emails, letters, and phone calls are sent out to students Less frequent

41 Top 5 Things to Remember: 1. Know the Academic Calendar and fee payment deadlines 2. Check your invoice after registration and throughout the semester regularly 3. Have your tuition & fees paid by Fee Payment Deadline 4. Set up refund preference as soon as you receive the HigherOne card 5. Check Your Email Daily

42 Questions?  We are located on the main floor of University Hall  Bursar’s Office Phone Number: 706.507.8897  Email address:

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