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Andy Meyers ISAS Chair ISAS Report WECC Operating Committees March 2015 Salt Lake City, UT.

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1 Andy Meyers ISAS Chair ISAS Report WECC Operating Committees March 2015 Salt Lake City, UT

2 2 Update o The vacant vice chair position has now been filled. Charles “Bud” Freeman from Seattle City Light has accepted the role of Vice Chair. o Bud was accepted as the Vice Chair at the special OC webinar held back in December. o Bud is scheduled to transition role of ISAS Chair in January of 2016 ISAS Leadership

3 3 WIT Contract Ownership o 2014 IA agreement & WIT agreement were assigned to Peak, following bifurcation o ISAS was approached by Peak in fall of 2014 requesting an opportunity to discuss ownership of the WIT contract  Removal of IA from NERC standards in October 2014 created opportunity for discussion regarding ownership o ISAS held special webinar in November 2014  At time of discussion, contract was owned by Peak but WECC continued to maintain administrative functions WIT Contract

4 4 Options for Ownership 1.Peak retains ownership of WIT but takes all administrative functions WECC had been performing Requires additional Peak FTE to take on administrative fuction. 2.WECC takes ownership of contract and retains all administrative functions 3.Group of BA’s take ownership of WIT contract WIT Contract cont’d

5 5 Recommendation  ISAS recommended that WIT contract continue to remain with Peak  Peak will need to hire an FTE or assign an FTE to take over administrative functions  Transfer of all WIT activities to Peak is anticipated to be complete by end of 2015  Peak RC is evaluating the idea of creating a WIT user group to provide interconnection members with a way to discuss issues & address enhancements WIT Contract cont’d

6 6 December 6 th 2014 o WIT experienced a technical issue  New etags & etag adjustments unable to be submitted by interconnection members  Approx 7:20 AM Peak RC submitted a message on WECC net implementing declaring an Interchange Authority emergency & implementing WIT Interchange Authority Backup (WIAB) criteria  BA’s were asked to operate to the most recent duplicate copy of its aggregate NSI as last confirmed by the IA. Recent WIT Issues

7 7 December 6 th Outage o Peak request to operate to most recent copy of NSI remained in place until approximately 9:15 o The cause of the issue had to do with a piece of hardware at OATI’s headquarters  Detailed report with an explanation of events is available to OATI customers upon request Recent WIT Issues cont’d

8 8 January Issue o A separate WIT issue occurred in the middle of January o It remains unclear if this was truly an outage o Peak RC’s felt it was significant enough that they once again declared in Interchange Authority Emergency. Recent WIT Issues cont’d

9 9 Follow up thoughts o Peak RC has commented that there was some unfamiliarity of WIAB procedures by RT staff that were on that day  Additional training & education on WIAB is needed o Participation in annual WIAB test for 2015? Recent WIT Issues cont’d

10 10 November of 2014 WECC hosted one day workshop to discuss Dynamic Transfers 2014 saw discussions regarding scheduling practices of Dynamics & Pseudo Ties Question had been raised if both these schedule types were being utilized correctly in the interconnection, were their any reliability concerns, was there a need to consider a regional criteria or guideline Dynamic Transfer Work Shop

11 11 Recommendation from workshop back to JGC o Further education on Dynamic Transfers and associated tagging requirements be explored by ISAS.  WECC staff will assist ISAS in acquiring data and developing educational materials. o We do not see the need for a Task Force to be formed at this time. The OC should provide an update on Dynamic Transfers use in October 2015. Dynamic Transfer Work Shop

12 12 Meeting Dates o May 19 th (1-5) & May 20 th (8:30-11:30) o Location: WECC Office Salt Lake City o Agenda Committee is currently working on drafting the agenda. 2015 WECC Scheduler’s Mtg

13 Questions? Andy Meyers – Bonneville Power Administration (

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