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Brenda Ambrosi ISAS Chair OC Update August 2012 Salt Lake City, UT.

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1 Brenda Ambrosi ISAS Chair OC Update August 2012 Salt Lake City, UT

2 2 OC officer nominations were approved by BOD –Chair – John Tolo, Tucson Electric Power Company –OC Vice Chair – Scott Kinney, Avista Corp. OC Leadership

3 3 Performance Work Group (PWG) Report on the Reliability-Based Control (RBC) Field Trial o Purpose of RBC is to:  Maintain interconnection frequency within predefined frequency limits under all conditions (normal, abnormal), to manage frequency-related issues (frequency oscillations, instability, and unplanned tripping of load, generation or transmission) that adversely impact the reliability of the interconnection  Support corrective action by the Balancing Authority (BA) when its excessive Area Control Error (ACE) may be contributing to or causing action to be taken to correct an SOL or IROL problem  Prevent interconnection frequency excursions of short duration attributed to the ramping of interchange transactions  Support timely congestion relief by requiring the BA to employ corrective load/generation management in transmission loading relief procedures  Address directives of FERC Order 693 (data retention requirements, continent- wide contingency reserve policy, etc.) Report of the Operating Practices Subcommittee (OPS)

4 4 RBC Field Trial Report o PWG developed several metrics for evaluating RBC  Interconnection frequency error  Participating BA’s CPS scores (CPS1 & CPS2)  Inadvertent interchange accumulation (primary & NERC inadvertent)  Manual time error corrections (frequency, number, duration)  Unscheduled flow events  BAAL violations by participating BAs Report of the Operating Practices Subcommittee (OPS)

5 5 RBC Field Trial Report o PWG concerns about report  Increase in number of manual time error corrections  Increase in number of unscheduled flow mitigation requests  Increase in inadvertent values  Increase in interconnection frequency error  Increase in number of RC intervention  Possibility of gaming  Reduced reliability of the interconnection o However, the true impact is not known since  Not all BAs have participated in the Field Trial  Not all BAs have modified their AGC algorithm Report of the Operating Practices Subcommittee (OPS)

6 6 NaturEner Wind Watch was certified as a BA under Section 500 of the NERC rules of Procedure, which the OC also approved OC approved retirement of the: o BA Certification Policy o WECC Philosophy on SOL and IROL Conditions Report of the Operating Practices Subcommittee (OPS)

7 7 Efforts to address recommendations of Southwest Outage Report Activities related to the report recommendations Review of recommendations that affect the OC September 8, 2011 Outage Recommendations

8 8 Effort at NERC to eliminate standards requirements that do not contribute to reliability o Phase 1 proposes removal of 70 requirements o Phase 2 proposes removal of another 130 requirements NERC Standards Elimination Effort

9 9 Presentation provided on recent RAS reviews and RASRS activities OC discussed: o Data sharing in WECC o Widely available RAS database o Using NDA to cover RAS database o Incorporating RAS into base cases and studies o Overlapping RAS o Differences in regions Report of the Remedial Action Scheme Reliability Subcommittee (RASRS)

10 10 Importance of small incremental improvements in frequency Synchrophasor testing and performance in light load conditions Report of the Joint Synchronized Information Subcommittee (JSIS)

11 11 Focus on outreach and education activities So … o Who can help update interchange materials? o Who can help co-teach an interchange course? Encouragement to ISAS

12 12 Near-Miss Database Western Electric Power Training Center (EPTC) o Loss of lease in June 2015 o Hands-on environment o OTS supports retaining facility Operations Training Subcommittee (OTS)

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