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Ferdinand Wohlfarth Ludwig van Beethoven.

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1 Ferdinand Wohlfarth Ludwig van Beethoven

2 Beethoven was born in Germany
Beethoven was born in Germany. Beethoven was Born December 17th 1770 and died 26 March Beethoven was gifted at a young age in music and academics. Beethoven was baptized a few days after he was born.

3 Life story In his early twenties Beethoven moved to Vienna. He stayed there for the rest of his life. When he was thirty years old he started going deaf. he continued compositing despite this disability.

4 symphony’s Beethoven composed 9 symphony's in his lifetime
symphony’s Beethoven composed 9 symphony's in his lifetime. He composed all of these symphony's between the years of 1799 and During the time he composed these symphony’s he had already lost most of his hearing. He continued to make music however.

5 Beethoven dipped his head in cold water before composing.
fun facts Beethoven dipped his head in cold water before composing. He named one of his sonatas moonlight sonata because he made it at night. Beethoven was 5 foot 3 inches tall. Beethoven would often end concerts if he saw someone in the audience talking.

6 Early middle and late music Beethoven’s music is divided into three sections early middle and late. The early section focuses only on the music he composed in his early years. The middle section focuses on his music as an older man in his 30’s. The late section is focused on his 40’s and later.

7 Impact on music Beethoven never followed the rules… of music that is. He used his imagination to composed a entirely new type of music. Before Beethoven music was for the most part classical. After Beethoven's appearance the world had a new type of music, romantic music.

8 Deafness Beethoven’s deafness greatly effected his music. His social life was also effected to the point that his friends had to write down what they wanted to say to him. Beethoven didn’t start really going deaf until the until He wrote many letters to his family but made sure they kept his deafness a secret.

9 Personality Beethoven was very stubborn and easily irritated. He was also at times very difficult to get along with. He was respected by most people he met too. Beethoven was also arrogant (mostly about his hearing).

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