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Public Transport in Saudi Arabia

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1 Public Transport in Saudi Arabia
Abdulaziz Al-Ohaly President Of Public Transport Authority Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 27 January 2015

2 Contents Transport Sector Organisation Chart
Government Support to Public Transport Role of PTA Public Transport Projects Economic Impact of Public Transport Projects Investment Opportunities in Public Transport Projects

3 Transport Sector Organisation Chart
Minister of Transport General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) Ministry of Transport (MOT) Roads Transport Public Transport Authority (PTA) Saudi Railways Organisation (SRO) Saudi Railways Commission (SRC) Saudi Ports Authority (SPA) Development Authorities Municipalities

4 Major Transport Companies
Makkah and Holy Shrines Development Authority Madinah Development Authority Ar-Riyadh Development Authority (ADA) Saudi Rail Company (SAR) Saudi Public Transport Company (SAPTCO) School Bus Management Company (Tatweer) Metro Companies (Makkah, Jeddah and Dammam)

5 Government Support to Public Transport
Cabinet resolution No. (174) on 23/4/2012: Approves implementation of Riyadh PT network as well as other high density cities PT networks Guarantees financing for building, operating and maintaining public transport projects. Instructs to develop guidelines for demand management. Instructs to develop mechanism for integration between urban planning and transport planning. Allocation of 200 Billion Saudi Riyals for public transport projects (Dec 2012) Establishment of Public Transport Authority (PTA) (Oct. 2012) Approval of Public Transport networks in high density cities

6 Role of PTA Regulate and supervise public transport services for passengers within cities and between cities. Provide quality services at reasonable cost with consideration to environment, and the integration with air transport and rail transport between cities. Encourage investment in the sector. Knowledge transfer and capacity building.

7 Public Transport Networks Approvals
Riyadh Public Transport Network (Apr. 2012) Makkah Public Transport Network (Aug. 2012) Jeddah Public Transport Network (Mar. 2013) Madinah Public Transport Network (Nov. 2013) Dammam Public Transport Network (May 2014)

8 Public Transport Networks in the Large Five Cities
Lengths of Standard Buses Routes (Km) Lengths of BRT Routes (Km) Number & Lengths of LRT Routes (Km) Population (million) City 765 95 (# 4) 182 1.53 Makkah 360 145 (# 5) 61 1.10 Madinah 1133 85 (# 6) 176 5.18 Riyadh 750 - (# 3) 108 3.43 Jeddah 354 70 (# 2) 86 1.30 Dammam

9 Trains in Some International Cities*
Population (Million) Start of Service Network Length (Km) No. of Routes No. of Stations London* 8.3 1863 402 11 270 Moscow* 13.3 1935 321 12 192 Tokyo* 34.4 1927 310 13 290 Montreal* 1966 69 4 68 San Diego* 1975 103 108 Cairo* 16.8 1987 70 3 57 Dubai* 2.2 2009 76 2 47 Makkah 1.5 2013** 182 64 Madinah 1.1 2014** 61 5 N/A Riyadh 5.2 176 6 85 Jeddah 3.4 72 Dammam 1.3 86 54 * Source: Paper by Dr. Mohammad Saad Al-Muqarri “Comparison of King Abdulaziz Transport Project in Riyadh with Similar Projects in Large International Cities”. ** Approval to implement project

10 Public Transport in Riyadh

11 Sample of Terminals in Riyadh

12 Status of Public Transport Projects
Executed Stage Stage Tabuk Hail Hufof Abha Taif Jazan Buraydeh Dammam Jeddah Riyadh Madina Makkah * Preparation Development of Master Plan Design Public Transport System Prepare Tender Documents Tendering Implementation Operation Performance Follow-up : Completed * : Under Process  : In Preparation Phase

13 The Economic Impact of Public Transport Projects
Development of areas served by public transport Mobility and accessibility to education, work, shopping and entertainment revives the economy Employment opportunities Savings in energy consumption and reducing environmental impact of private vehicles Cut spending on road construction and land acquisition

14 The Economic Impact of Public Transport Projects (Cont’d)
Trip time saving and stress reduction from traffic jams Optimization of infrastructure Reduction of no. of accidents and their impacts Investment opportunities in the public transport projects (manufacture and services) Social inclusion Capacity building and experience in public transport



17 Challenges Comprehensive networks in crowded cities
Short duration for implementation Shortage of local experience International competition on international experties Local competition on local contractors and sub-contractors Social acceptance of new modes Overcome the wide spread of private cars Sustainability Financial Level of Service Coverage (expansion horizontally and vertically( Increase in public transport ridership Economic

18 Investment Opportunities in Public Transport Projects
Contracting in construction and maintenance of public transport networks Construction and operation of public transport terminals Operation and maintenance of public transport services (buses, trains, parking, etc.) Information technology (tickets - information) Advertising (on facilities, vehicles and publications ex. Tickets, cards, etc..) Real estate and development investment (the possibility of investing in public transport or in the surrounding areas, such as hotels, offices and shops)

19 Investment Opportunities in Public Transport Projects (Cont’d)
Consulting services (engineering – administrative – economic – marketing programs) Support Services (catering, housing, hygiene and guarding contracts.....) The supply of vehicles and equipment Maintenance, spare parts and after-sale services Refueling and oils Recruitment and training services Manufacturing and industry

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